Understanding The Season of Trumpism in “the Plot to Hack America” by Malcolm Nance


Within the first days of the Trump Presidency, the country’s  focus has shifted from Russia to a plethora of a fast paced onslaught on cabinet picks, the inauguration attendance, the Muslim ban, Obamacare, the firing of the  acting attorney general, the wall Mexico won’t pay for, the Dakota pipeline and on and on.  Yet nothing about Russia. Could this be a diversionary tactic?  Well after reading Malcolm Lance’s extraordinary book “the Plot to Hack America”, the  chaos and the incompetence of these times could be a well-thought out plan to see just how far the new administration  can go, in Trump’s efforts to derail democracy in this country.   What both Steve Bannon and President Trump have  found out is that even if the politicians are asleep, the people of America have finally woken up. 

The keyword of the populous is RESISTANCE!

In regards to the contents of the  creepy dossier about Trump and Russia, What has continued to puzzle me is that Trump does not seem like he can be blackmailed by sexual scandal. Its GOT to be MORE THAN THAT. FIve years ago it was revealed to me in a dream that Russia would peacefully infiltrate the U.S.  I was not shown Donald Trump, Hillary or the election in the dream.  I saw the computers scrambling but not shown it was because they were being hacked. I  SAW THAT THE TAKEOVER WOULD OCCUR UNDER OBAMA’S TENURE AS PRESIDENT.

It happened. I received the interpretation on October 8, 2016.

In his book, the Plot to Hack America, a book published BEFORE the election, Malcomb Nance laid out the missing link foe me. Here is a telling excerpt:

lances-bookThe revelations of the Kremlin’s proximity to Putin and Moscow are stunning in their depth. They reveal easily some Americans will accept money to work against their own national interest whether in business, government or propaganda. Precisely as the KGB had discerned over 70 years ago. They also show how easily money and business relations are now the new currency of former and current Russian intelligence officers. Such riches would surely be issued with invisible strings, allowing the FSB to gain access to the highest level players in a new American administration.

These pro-Russian players were so close to Trump that they could literally be chosen as his campaign manager and placed at essentially arm’s length to a potential president. At best, their ties are tenuous and ill-advised, at worst, they could be grounds for an FBI investigation. That remains to be seen.

If Trump’s acolytes did have real ties to Russia’s center of power, AND IF THEY WERE SUCCESSFUL AT ELECTING TRUMP, they would be in a position to handle a potential president’s most intimate secrets. They would also be able to advance Russia’s objective, desires, and activities—fully in-line with their own personal fortunes—ABOVE America’s interests, with the full force of the Oval Office.


Nance also reveals  how Russia recruits its agents in a system called MICE. Interesting.  I wonder what mice means in Russian? For we who speak English, a mouse is like a small rat.  A rat is a turn coat.  So a mouse is a weak rat who is always after the cheese and falls for every time he reaches for it.

The Mice strategy is also about “the cheese.’  the M  stands for Money, the I for  Ideology, the C for Coercion (or Compromise)  and the E for Ego or Excitement/
Nance’s reveals that Russia uses money as an incredible inducement for a potential recruit. Trump in his greed and debt may have been trapped by his lust for money. to Russia, Trump is the mouse.

The Ideology part of MICE is to enhance the prestige of a person of status and nudge the target to espouse a political position that opposes his  native land. For example, Trump’s proclaiming  that the election is  rigged, the media is  evil, immigration, etc.

Compromise and coercion is implemented by setting sexual traps, and recording them. Those are listed in the dossier.

Ego or Excitement is to cultivate an ego-centric narcissist like Trump.

For example, Putin provides Trump with a lot of strokes to manipulate his ego. Trump is indebted to Putin for his support and this is the problem. TRUMP COULD BE  A RUSSIAN ASSET. In colloquial language, Trump could be  Putin’s bitch. Therefore, I don’t see how  Trump can be the AC. If the AC is in power right now, then Putin is the better choice.

I have had a suspicion that the Putin/Trump relationship has been going on for years. Lance reports about it. He wrote that it began when Trump first set out to build a hotel in Moscow in 2005. So that relationship began 11 years ago. Once Trump entered his run for President, he ended up in a relationship with Paul Manafort, General Flynn and a long list of American Russian sympathizers.

I have been around for decades and I do not know of specifics relative to the reputation, scandals etc. of Hillary, with no opinion about her one way of the other. Same with Trump. I think I knew more about Hillary than Trump. I liked how she turned her troubles with Bill into power for herself. But looking at her and listening to her, I was somewhat without a perspective. With Trump, I watched his show whenever the Atlanta Housewives were on it, about 3 times. I made no opinion of Trump.

So I had a clean slate in my mind for BOTH candidates up until the first week in October when I heard about RUSSIA. Immediately, I remembered my 5 year old dream, that Russia took over the US without nuclear or military warfare. It was cyber warfare.  Russia hacked the American Presidential campaign and influenced the Trump win.  That is why Congressman Lewis is correct.  His presidency is not legitimate because of the Russian influence into the minds of Americans with fake news and WikiLeaks.

For the next 2 months, the media reported events concerning WikiLeaks,Assange. Nance’s  book explains all of that. The reason why the election is tainted is because whether Hillary is corrupt or not, the slogan “corrupt Hillary” was a significant part of Russia’s cyber warfare strategies to manipulate the minds of American voters, with real news, fake news, real emails, and fake ones, in order to damage Hillary’s persona. Fake articles were all over social media. Yes, she won the popular vote by almost 3 million. Nevertheless, in the blue states that Trump won, he primarily got the undecided votes. What could have made the difference is the scenario that Russia and Trump set up, to damage “corrupt Hillary.”
This is all in the book, and as I said, Lance published it BEFORE Nov.8.

I had yet another dream, on Nov. 13, 2016.  I saw Donald Trump, compared to King Kong.  I saw him fall from a tall tower. Like the World Trade Center.  I watched him dying, laying on his back.  In the dream, I felt sorry for him. When I awoke, I thought to myself, “it was Muslims who brought the Towers down.  Could it be Muslims that cause Trump’s fall?” Well, with the recent immigration ban that has all America marching  in street protests and the resistance in the courts, who knows?   Could be.

I have not seen the actual cause of his fall. I was just shown the fall and the  psychological reasons for it which I won’t elaborate on. Trump’s fall was just like the movie, King Kong, all 3 of them. I understand a 4th Kong movie will soon be released. Simply put, my dream compared Kong to Donald  Trump, both  falling  from a high tower.

Certainly, the dream is symbolic.  To Trump, as President, he is KING! Like Kong, he is trying to tear down structures.  Kong tore down NYC buildings but Trump is tearing down political protocol, American values, the press, perhaps even the Constitution.  with executive orders. Kong had his wall on his native island and Trump is trying to build HIS wall on the border of Mexico.  In  truth, before the White House, he lived in Trump Tower, not far from where   the World Trade Towers once stood. As the World Trade  was taken down by planes,  King Kong was also taken down by military planes.

  Its all symbolically connected, as Trump is from NYC where King Kong was put to rest in three movies.

How long will it take before the fall comes?

Like Dr. King once said “how long????  NOT LONG!


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  1. pastorpam911 says:

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    “The Plot to Hack America will help you understand the signs of the ties.


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  3. tinalynn8 says:

    There is an incredible amount of insight here, worth considering and not closing ones eyes to. The fact is, WE ARE IN THE END DAYS-and while many people may acknowledge to a degree that we are, SOME are still so caught up in the BLESSING MODE of reception within the church realm, and living their lives in a compartmentalized manner, believing that, because they are followers of GOD, they are somehow isolated and protected from any form of end-day woes. To that I say, they deceive themselves and should look deeper.
    It would behoove us who consider ourselves as true believers in the LIVING GOD, JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH, to keep abreast of the goings- on in this world, so that we are not FOUND with our lamps empty and as a whole, UNPREPARED!

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