Casting Out Demons Vs The Nature of Your Soul

When Jesus said “Get thee behind me Satan,  He was not talking to Peter. he was talking to a religious spirit that spoke to Him through the mouth of Peter. Peter was not yet born again but he was certainly one of the elect.  so I say to you if the enemy can speak words through Peter of all people, he can also speak through us to both others and to ourselves.  Paul explained it to the Ephesians when he warned that the battle is not between us and other human beings.  it is between us and the principalities and powers that others have yielded to by walking in the flesh and unknowingly made invitations to demons in the process.

so check this out from Jessie Penn-Lewis in her amazing book, /war on the Saints, written over a century ago::

In the unregenerate man the will is enslaved to Satan, but in the man who has been regenerated, and delivered from the power of sin, the will is liberated to choose the things of God. In one who has thus been brought into fellowship with God, Satan can only gain ground by stratagem, or, in Bible terms, by “wiles”; for he knows he will never get from a believer deliberate consent to the entry, and control of evil spirits. The Deceiver can only hope to obtain that consent by guile: i.e., by feigning to be God Himself, or a messenger from Him. He knows, too, that such a believer is determined to obey God at all costs, and covets the knowledge of God above all else on earth. There is, therefore, no other way to deceive this one, but by counterfeiting God Himself, His presence and His workings; and under pretense of being God, to obtain the co-operation of the man’s will in accepting further deceptions; so as eventually to lead to “possession” of some part of the believer’s mind or body, and thus injure or hinder his usefulness to God, as well as that of others who will be affected by him.

As an example, parents don’t set out to hurt us.  Yet if Satan has access to them, they will say things, think things and do things that hurt and even damage their offspring for years to come.  in such instances, the enemy was working through them against their children.  They did not know it but when they die, they will suffer immensely. Not necessarily in hell, but when they give an account before the throne of God.

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18 Responses to Casting Out Demons Vs The Nature of Your Soul

  1. pastorps911 says:

    Reblogged this on SETTING CAPTIVES FREE and commented:

    There is more to setting captives free than simply casting out demons. In fact, you cannot cast out an evil spirit who is not IN you, but merely taking possession of you for a few moments at a time.


  2. Tee says:

    People tend to not realize that demons cannot take over your will without you GIVING it to them. They are all about deception and manipulation. Once they have you listening to them and believing everything they say, they’ve got their hooks on you.

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  3. Tee says:

    The human will is a powerful thing, if we just recognize it.

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  4. Here a captive will learn what the Truth is and whether a person be saved or unsaved. We All had to learn how to stand in our Godgiven willpower so that we can effectively fight against the wiles of the Devil. I like what Pastor Pam said in the video, “Stop being passive.” Try this ministry out and learn how to stand.

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  5. abbles182 says:

    I got from this video that demons manifesting in or on a person was drawn by what a person did to get the demons attention. Occult practices mentioned in this video like yoga and meditation are a few examples..a person professing to be a Christian but doing this occult practices is at risk of being in demonic torment.

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    • Yes, this is true. The Enemy tricks people into engaging in practices like yoga or even martial arts. The Enemy know how to make things seem innocent. Or lure people into believing that they are good for us when it really is a lie.

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      • tinalynn8 says:

        YES! it is written that God has not given us a spirit of FEAR, but POWER , LOVE and a SOUND mind. SO, given God’s truth, it stands to reason, that many still think they NEED MORE than Him, to attain PEACE-
        If one is not given a spirit of FEAR, then why does one walk as such, in searching for things that are anything other than HIS TRUTH, through trying to control “those instances in their lives” they think will IMPROVE IT , yet with such ungodly practices. ?
        This not only shows the deception of what proclaimed Christians in the LORD follow, but also shows the measure of TRUST in HIM. They have believed yet another gospel and NOT JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH.

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    • gloria115 says:

      thats why it crucial for us to know ourselves because the enemy knows us and as mentioned in the Feb Bible Study, demons know our biases and will use that to gain ground and make us captive.

      Someone who is not enticed by the occult will be enticed by something else e.g. the prosperity gospel can trap people led by ambition and greed. Once you become more self aware, you are more capable of avoiding certain pitfalls that have been customized for every person.

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  6. abbles182 says:

    The article of Jesse Penn Lewis talks about how Satan gains ground by deceiving. He finds ways to obtain consent to gain access to a persons soul. Jesse says that “Satan and evil spirits often masquerade as God or as God’s messenger.” This is true. The best thing for the person is to learn the truth and stop being so susceptible to lies and deceit.

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    • tinalynn8 says:

      yes abbles, the one seeking help has to take an ‘active’ role in the working out of their own salvation, as well as respecting and trusting the one that is helping them, otherwise there is nowhere to go. If the captive is ‘passive’ then he/she might as well return to their own vomit and to fantasy and folly. For God’s reality is His truth OBEYED!
      a person who WANTS the truth desires to find out what pleases the LORD…

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  7. tinalynn8 says:

    What an encouragement to the body of Christ. This post is loaded with so much helpful information not to be skimmed over quickly, but to be absorbed and appreciated by the true diligent follower of God.
    I find it interesting how many in the institutional church setting often refer to the enemy by speaking or belting out “THE DEVIL IS A LIAR ” yet refuse to acknowledge the REAL TRUTH OF GOD in HIS WORD.

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  8. Sananda had blinded many. His goal is simple to continue to deceive and hope that the blinded never get delivered. However Jesus Christ of Nazareth can break through and defense. People have to come out of that building.

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  9. wilsonruby7 says:

    I got this out the video, A person think’s that things must be done their way and timing,casting out demons is not going to help you because the demons you have or surviving and prospering in your life. Your emotions need to be cleansed and your will need to be strengthened. I agree. Some people emotions is so messed up,don’t know if they was going or coming.

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  10. This is true so about emotions which apart of our wills. They have to be cleansed and strengthened.

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  11. I was just telling someone that the church system is ill equipped to deal with the true matters of the heart. False doctrines causes the IC to be ineffective it is just the blind leading the blind. A person has to come out of this religious system to get cleaned up.

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