Obama Could Have Stopped Trump Head On!

These times speak many unspoken messages to me.

  I try to keep up with what is going on in politics  but it’s hard, particularly when the press allows itself to be bullied by Trump. It makes me sick to my stomach. Then the church jumps in and declares, “Trump is the president  of the Lord’s choice.” Well, if the Holy Spirit  is sending America and the world a message through Donald Trump, then  the Lord is unveiling  Trump’s  evil to expose the fallacy that this entire political system  called democracy  is just too weak and hypocritical to prosper  much longer.

Here is an example.


Consider Tavis Smiley’s perspective  provided in his commentary on MSNBC concerning the election outcome. .

WE black folk have had a black President. Don’t get me wrong. I consider Barack Obama to be among the best of the 45. I love him dearly.     WE came out in droves and voted for him.

The truth is that Obama did little to nothing for poor black people, while  Smiley’s  focus is toward the poor and the inner cities.   Obama emphasized the prosperity of the middle class.


Yet Obama  comes to the inner  cities at the waning hours of the election, with a message of “vote for Hillary or my legacy will be destroyed by Trump.” Tavis felt Obama had a lot of nerve because as President, Obama  did little to  nothing for the underprivileged.  Now the underlying  cause  is that Obama’s  hands were tied by the Republican congress.  True.  Ergo the hypocrisy of democracy.  You can be a black president, want to help  your people, but you can’t, simply because you will piss off the rest of the polarized groups if you do. 

Also consider the  electoral college fiasco. This group has as its mandate to protect the country from  mad men and traitors.   Did it use its power?  Hell no.  The demonstrations spoke  the truth.  Hillary Clinton won the popular vote.  Therefore, SHE should be President.  Now, we are  dominated by  a Republican President with a Republican house and Senate. In his first month as President,   Trump  tried to rule this country not as president but as a king. It will be interesting to see what happens. Month two has already started off with a Trumpian bang.

I believe the message of this hour is that politics is so damn phony.  It forces people to lie. A concession speech?  The peaceful passing on of power?  Obama had  to escort into “his” house, a man who trashed him and started a movement to discredit his presidency, claiming Obama is  not an American citizen!!!  Then Trump used media exposure to campaign for President himself!!!! So  Obama had to  wear yet another hypocritical   hat when he was forced to turn over the keys to “his house”  to “the adversary!”

But the absolute worst of it ALL is that while still president,—the intelligence community had already  advised Obama about the Russian infiltration into the presidential election while it was still in progress!!!!  The irony is that as President, Obama could have put a formidable  stumbling block  in the way of Trump, by declaring the entire 2016   election to be null and void. START OVER, FOLK!!!!

Why did he not do that?

I suspect that in an effort to remain politically correct,  OBAMA DID NOT WANT TO TARNISH HIS POLITICAL LEGACY.

Instead, he pissed off  black leaders like Tavis Smiley by using his popularity with black folk to attempt to  influence us to come out in droves for Hillary “to save his legacy”. It turns out that black folk were simply not impressed and Obama’s campaign  strategy for Hillary Clinton did not work. Even though the Obamas campaigned both passionately and  vigorously  on Hillary’s behalf, Barack and Michelle could not turn the evil tide and Trump won by a narrow margin. Patriots at heart, rather than confront the problem head on to protect this country, the Obama administration has been  relegated to planting   a trail of intelligence linking Trump to Russia, for media and leakers to  periodically expose, like dropping bird seed. Obama had the power to turn  the fake election upside down, but he was not bold enough to fight fire with a blaze of fire.

In the meantime, this country is in serious danger.  Why?  Because democracy is neither pure or strong, as it is seriously oppressed by   the mendacity of political correctness. Choosing  the politically safe, partisan options, the government  has no experience with dealing with an in yo face self-interested  bully, who wears his brazenness  as a badge of honor.

MENDACITY!    I believe the Lord is exposing democracy for “what it be!!!”

Yes,  I see where we are headed.

Come Lord Jesus and rule!  Thy kingdom come.  Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.


  Because the time is drawing near for the return of the Lord to rule this world as King of kings and Lord of lords.

We have a plan here at Get READY For the Lord.  Trump is of no consequence.  I believe it was Nov. 11, 2016, when I saw Donald Trump in a dream, fall from a high tower, just like King Kong did in the movies. He is coming DOWN, yall!   The weight of him is formidable, as all kinds of political tidal waves shall follow. So we need to be prepared to ride the surf.

To know more, keep in touch.  It is time to prepare.

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10 Responses to Obama Could Have Stopped Trump Head On!

  1. pastorps911 says:

    Reblogged this on Come Out Of Her My People: Rev 18:4 and commented:

    Mystery Babylon will be fully mature once religion, economics, and politics are integrated.


  2. bsallis says:

    So then Trump could be the one that paves the way for the AC to be revealed? It’s starting to look that way.


  3. abbles182 says:

    Trump is definitely being exposed right now that’s for sure. I will look out for his fall. No doubt the political system is a true mess and a sham. As this post points out, there are many in the religious Christian system that support this man who is unqualified because it’s followers think they are saved Christians who “know” he is the right guy to be our President. Yet these people are deceived to thinking they are born again Christians. Instead, oftentimes they raised their hand and “accepted Jesus”, and because of this, people are false Christians. This is not how you become a born again Christian. They have had a false conversion. This explains why most professing Christians of this day bear absolutely no fruit that they are Christians. Their behaviors say otherwise. It’s important to notice that something is wrong within these systems so that one does not fall victim to the deception that is going on.

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    • Yes this is system is full of false conversions. Christ will return to rule in the flesh!

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    • gloria115 says:

      these elections exposed that democracy doesn’t work because US citizens and the world at large are stuck with a president they did not want.

      What concerns me as you mentioned Abby is the many Christians who still don’t know what time it is! Praising God for Trump, saying everything is going to be alright, the blindness is astounding & many are unprepared because they invited Jesus into their hearts and got fallen angels & demons instead so they think they are ready for the Lord but they are not.

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  4. Yes this truly means that All systems are being exposed.

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  5. pastorps911 says:

    I wrote this yesterday. Either Trump was reading my mind or God read Trump’s thoughts and imparted them to me.

    My point is this. If Obama did not use his power as the President to bring down Trump BEFORE 11/8/16, how in the world can we believe that Obama had Trump wire tapped? Paleese. The American people cant be as stupid as Trump is, other than his diehard followers.

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  6. abbles182 says:

    I think the smart thing for Trump to have done was to stay quiet and not tweet about this claim of Obama wire tapping him. He was going for the whole blame the media and say that all they tell are lies thing but when he tweets stuff like this his ignorance is out there for all to see. You can’t blame the media on that lol. It’s out there for millions to see now. And he has no proof of what he’s saying, just accusations.

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  7. Yes the more he tweets the more he becomes exposed. The heart condition is revealed. Since most are sleep people can not recognize the darkness that lies within him. So maybe his fall signifies the depths of depravity.


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