Why You Need to Leave the Institutional Church Part 1

Who are the birds?

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Come Out Of Her My People: Rev 18:4

One of the reasons that makes witnessing to churchgoers both difficult and unpleasant is because they have not yet heard from the Lord in a revelatory way. Most of religious believe that if your argument is not bible based, then it is not worth listening to. So, a way to get through to them is using the scriptures in red. In other words, “What did the Lord Jesus say?” Use the Lord’s own words to reveal the truth to them.

The Lord Jesus presented a group of kingdom of heaven parables, most of which He did not explain, but he left some clues. One of the clues as depicted in Matthew 13, is the birds. Therefore, when you’re keeping things very general, your focus should be to rely on what the Lord said, what the Lord shared. And you ask your religious churchgoer,” what do they think that parable means?”

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