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Back  in the summer of 2011, our pastor  had  a dream where she saw Russian renegades  patrolling the streets of the USA.  There were no police around as it appeared to be martial law.  In the dream, Pastor Pam saw no evidence of war or violence, only that the computer was scrambled.  When she  went  outside, She  asked them who they were.  They said sarcastically, we are with Obama.  Their accents and appearance were Russian.

So a year before President Obama’s second term, Pastor Pam has been looking for something major to happen in this country where Russia was involved. In other words, for the last 5 years, she watched for Russia to infiltrate  the USA, without knowing exactly HOW this would take place.  . According to the dream, she knew it had to happen before 1/20/2017, when a newly elected president would be inaugurated and Obama would no longer be President.

Well, it happened. IT WAS CYBER WARFARE AND NOT MILITARY. With  wiki leaks and other online dirty tricks, Russia helped to influence the 2016 Presidential election, favoring their candidate of choice, Donald Trump.

This website or blog shall not focus on world politics, but according to the scriptures in Daniel and Ezekiel,  the so-called new world order is shall be established by Russia, as similar online dirty tricks continue to be  implemented to effect the elections of other democracies around the world, now with the USA as a potential partner in President Donald Trump.

So what is our prophetic  message of the hour?

“Lift up your heads oh gates, and be ye lifted up ye everlasting doors because the king of Glory is about to come down here and rule every kingdom on this earth, beginning with a 1000 year term. Jesus Christ of Nazareth shall overturn  democracy, and rule this earth for a term of 1000 years as KING. HIs theocracy shall abolish democracy. Satan shall soon be locked up for 1000 years.

SO rise up, the elect of God and fear not.  Yes, we are now in the tribulation.  Nevertheless, before He left earth the first time, the Lord Jesus  told his people to “fear not.”

The beast and the false prophet shall be made clear to those who are not asleep.

In the meantime, we must all “get ready to survive and overcome the tribulation.”  The institutional church has no help for you in this regard.

RESCUE is prepared to help YOU get ready. So contact us at getreadyforthelord@gmail.com

If you want to speak to someone,  fill out the contact form and we will call you.