How To Leave the Institutional Church

It is important in these times to learn how to walk in the spirit and not fulfill the lusts of our flesh,


It is time to detox from religion! Pastor Pam Sheppard

If you are a person that must be liked or approved of by others, you will have to refuse your flesh in order overcome churchianity. If you can answer an emphatic “yes,” to the following statements as conditions of your own flesh, refusal will eventually be in order, if you are going to effectively resist the devil:

• I try to avoid being alone

• I let other people decide what to do.

• I get upset when people don’t include me in their activities;

• I am stressed if I don’t include other people in my plans;

• I am easily led;

• I hate any form of confrontation;

• I can’t stand being left out of things;

• I am emotionally dependent upon people.

So one way to crucify your flesh is by refusing to act out its…

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