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You have probably run into an ad like the one below. Such types of posters are common all over the world. Many flock to these meetings, hoping that they will find remedies for illness affecting them or a loved one. … Continue reading

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Born in Adam’s Casket!

Originally posted on SETTING CAPTIVES FREE:
It does not matter what religion you follow or whether or not you are an atheist.  You cannot escape Adam’s casket on your own.  Death is just that final. Yet if you are chosen to…

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How I Packed Up, Left Church, and Got Born Again!

Originally posted on Come Out Of Her My People: Rev 18:4:
A STORY OF MY JOURNEY FROM RELIGION, TO THE OCCULT, TO CHRIST: Immersed in religion and church most of my life, I had NEVER heard the true Gospel, until June…

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Becoming Deception Proof: Doubt and Question!

Originally posted on SETTING CAPTIVES FREE:
Just because a person is born again does not make them “deception proof.” Pam Sheppard, Author and Pastor The Lord would not have warned His disciples to “take heed and be not deceived” if…

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To Be Born Again, Wait on God’s Call!

By Pastor Pam Sheppard  I have examined my salvation at least three times according to II Corinthians 5:13, seriously examined it, because it was so supernatural. And the reason my salvation is my only personal possession is because I never accepted Jesus … Continue reading

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My Personal Experience With Tongues

By Pastor Pam Sheppard When posting on facebook on this hot topic about 6 years ago,  I recall that the responses were clearly impulsive, sudden argumentative  reactions of tongue talkers taken aback and even outraged by my position on this … Continue reading

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“For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he” Proverbs 23:7 What interpretation do you have about this verse? I was taught that this verse spoke on how I can shape my reality by what I think, that our … Continue reading

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Reiki? The Devil Heals Too! Then Comes the Torment!

 Written by Pastor Pam Sheppard  pastorps911 Although I had never heard of Reiki in 1975, as I look back 4 decades, I realize today  that I was unknowingly  practicing Reiki techniques without really understanding what I appeared to  have  stumbled into on my own. Yet  I … Continue reading

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Christians Who Release the Kundalini Are Demonized

Originally posted on SETTING CAPTIVES FREE:
George Arundale (1878-1945) was an English theosophist and the president of the Theosophical Society in 1934 after Annie Besant. He lived in the circle of Krishnamurti, the chosen “World teacher” of the theosophists. Together…

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Deliverance From Error: Avoiding Truthiness, FAke News and Alternative Facts

Originally posted on SETTING CAPTIVES FREE: I have noticed that some churchgoers feel absolutely miserable when they become undeceived. Their self worth was bound up in their acts of religion. Self-hatred, shame and guilt are a part of the…

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Why Is America Not In the Bible? Trump, King Kong and the Chaldeans

Over the last 40 years since I have been born again, I have wondered why the United States of America is not mentioned in end-times bible prophecy. THE USA has been a world power my entire life.  So , “what … Continue reading

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Obama Could Have Stopped Trump Head On!

These times speak many unspoken messages to me.   I try to keep up with what is going on in politics  but it’s hard, particularly when the press allows itself to be bullied by Trump. It makes me sick to my … Continue reading

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Set Free By Angels

Originally posted on SETTING CAPTIVES FREE:
Many have been fascinated by angels, particularly as we watch their actions throughout the scriptures as angels  do  God’s bidding, protect God’s people and  send key  messages.  Nevertheless,  as much as  I find angels  interesting, I approach the…

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RESCUE: Healing of Spirit, Soul and Body

Do you feel like you need healing? Are you troubled by some spiritual things happening with you that you feel like no one else around you understands? Are you damaged by the church or by religion? Do you need to … Continue reading

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The Great Falling Away

As I am watching everything unfold, my attention has turned to the professing Christians who are Trump supporters, who, no matter WHAT you say to them, they continue to believe a lie and support evil. Truth can be staring them … Continue reading

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How Christians Are Demonized when They Open the Heart Chakra

I am still doing my research on chakras. I am not one that gets distracted by loads of details. My goal is to find out what occultists are looking to accomplish when they seek to open their chakras and for … Continue reading

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The Tribulation: Is It Happening NOW?

Originally written by Pastor Pam Sheppard on December 1, 2016 Around the world, we find  ourselves living in a season  where a significant portion of the  white populace  are  threatened by an explosion in population of the darker people in the … Continue reading

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A Warning To Prepare!

Originally created and posted by Pastor Pam: pastorps911 on December 29, 2016 Satan’s Time is SHORT! YOU MUST PREPARE! This post was published today on the public blogs Check it out!   If you have any questions about preparing for the … Continue reading

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An Endtime Reminder: SAVE FOOD AND WATER by Pam Sheppard

Originally created and posted by Pastor Pam pastorps911 on May 27, 2015: It was 2011. Summertime I think. I had a dream that showed that this country was under martial law, in the hands of some Nordic looking men whose … Continue reading

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False Conversions Are An End-time Sign of the Plagues of Rev 18:4

I have been a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ since 1981, yet, I warn you. Church is not only a dangerous place , but around the globe, many churches are actually so dangerous, that people should run from … Continue reading

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Ascended Masters: A Global Occult Deception

Who Are They? Never, at any stage in history, has the scene been so fully set for the manipulation of a deception of global proportions through the work  of fallen angels who  call themselves  ascended masters. For the situation in which … Continue reading

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The Fake Jesus: You Need This Book Not To Be Deceived In These Times

I believe the Fake Jesus is my worst written book but it is my most important book.   I evaluate the book as   the worst written of the 8 of them, simply  because it was conceived and produced  at a time … Continue reading

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  PREPARE! The Antichrist is coming FIRST, then the true Lord Jesus Christ! PREPARE! The Antichrist is coming FIRST, then the true Lord Jesus Christ! In one chapter, Revelation 12:12, you will find a brief history of mankind, beginning with … Continue reading

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Recovery for the Religious Addict

“…From 90 days to 6 months, perhaps a year, the church or religious  addict’s mind must be re-trained. This is an important part of end-time preparation—the healing of the mind. False doctrines and practices that the churchgoer has believed in … Continue reading

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The Power of the Resurrection is EVERYTHING!

I suspect that the primary reason why the institutional church is so ineffectual is because she has lost the meaning of the power of the resurrection. When I ask someone who calls me to describe the resurrection, most skip right over it … Continue reading

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