Judge Kavanaugh, Dr. Ford and Your Personal Unconscious

The news media’s persistent and consistent focus on the accusations of attempted rape by Dr. Ford against Supreme Court nominee, Judge Brett Kavanaugh has had a profound effect upon sexually harassed and molested women which is reminiscent of what Carl Jung referred to as the collective unconscious and personal unconscious. According to Jung’s teachings, the collective unconscious is common to all human beings and is responsible for a number of deep-seated instincts, such as sexual behavior. The content of our collective unconsciousness includes archetypes, which are basic and fundamental pre-existing images, or forms that we have feelings about as a result of our collective unconscious. (Wikipedia)
This all seems rather complicated but I believe that my consistent watching of the news relative to Judge Kavanaugh and Dr. Ford has awakened my personal consciousness, causing me to have 3 consecutive nightmares last night. Personal un-consciousness is defined as as the product of repressed or forgotten personal experiences that were at one time in your conscious mind.
I rarely use superlatives, but I venture to suspect that most women have undergone and forgotten some form of sexual harassment and that would include me. Nevertheless, I have never been raped. Yet as I slept last night, I was reminded of 2 actual events, one which took place 65 years ago and another, a significant moment in time about 5 years ago  when  a relative shared with me how our uncle had attempted to rape her.
When I was about 10 years old growing up in the ghetto of Harlem, there was a game we neighborhood kids all played on our various blocks. Girls would stand together in fear and intimidation, while the boys would decide which one of us to chase. I think the game may have been called “ringaleavio.” One boy would stand in the center of the other boys and scream out the first name of the girl who would be chased. I recall one time when I heard “GET PAM” and I set out running like all the young girls did back in the ’50’s. When I was caught, the boys threw me to the ground and took turns feeling me up and rubbing themselves upon me.
Well. I WAS REMINDED OF RINGALEVIO LAST NIGHT AS I SLEPT IN THE FORM OF A NIGHTMARE AFTER WATCHING THE NEWS ALL DAY ABOUT JUDGE KAVANAUGH AND DR. FORD. I was running for my life in that dream. When I woke and returned to sleep, 2 more nightmares came. These dreams concerned the attempted rape of a female relative. I experienced in the dream the specific disgusting things that our uncle did.  The fact is that  she was blessed that he got interrupted before he could complete the molestation.However in the dream, over and over again, I found myself worried, trying to protect this young child who is today a 50 year old woman.
So what does all of this mean?
The media has the power to stir up our personal unconscious and cause it to become collective nationwide. Since the personal unconscious is the storehouse  of information  that was once conscious but has now been forgotten, this is different from purposeful suppression of a trauma in order to survive!!!
All kinds of experiences are stored in the personal unconscious; it’s like a filing cabinet. Sometimes its best to keep that file cabinet closed and even locked !!!! In my case, neither of those incidents were repressed. I simply forgot them because they had little to no influence on who I am as a person. What happened last night in those dreams  is because my spirit and soul were over-saturated with emotional news all day long,  providing evil spirits access to use my dreams to exaggerate forgotten memories.
So how do I intend to handle this? Well, I have never been a victim and I refuse to pick up a victim mentality at this time in my life. So now that I know all the significant details of the Kavanaugh/Ford case, I will turn off MSNBC, and resume watching my favorite news channel  when the emotional details are no longer being discussed and the focus of the news is not so emotionally intense.

I WILL ALSO REBUKE THE DEVIL, pray and make a bold affirmation of who I am in Christ, for all things have passed away and all things became new when I got born again more than 41 years ago.  Ringaleavio is going back into the cabinet of my personal unconscious, WHERE THAT STUPID CHILDHOOD GAME BELONGS!!!!!

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