Recovery for the Religious Addict

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“…From 90 days to 6 months, perhaps a year, the church or religious  addict’s mind must be re-trained. This is an important part of end-time preparation—the healing of the mind. False doctrines and practices that the churchgoer has believed in for decades must be challenged so that the soul can be renewed. As God Himself has compared false worship to prostitution or whoredom , I am not out of line in making a similar comparison. A religious or spiritual addiction can be compared to “good sex” with someone you know does not really love you. Simply put, you get hooked to the thrill and the feeling. Those of us who have never “been there and done that” wonder what the thrill is for a masochist.” a quote from “Come out of H er God’s People)

Masochism from a psychiatric perspective is defined as a condition in which sexual gratification depends on suffering, physical pain and humiliation gained from despair, deprivation, and degradation. The perpetrator can be others or it can be self inflicted. Unfortunately, masochists are known to find pleasure in self denial and emotional pain.

I can relate on a spiritual level because sexual masochism is like self imposed martyrdom… I ignorantly assumed that I was suffering for Christ.” Notwithstanding, like a spiritual masochists, a sensual, carnal thrill was obtainable through believing that I was more righteous than they because I was faithfully doing God’s will. What a shock to find out after more than two decades, that “God never sent me there for ANY reason.” He simply used what the enemy meant for evil for my personal and spiritual good, so that I could be used by Him to help others “help themselves!” Nevertheless, as one who was “addicted,” I never wanted to leave that Whore on my own so God made HER PUT ME OUT!!!!”

The enemy is planning on using your ‘addiction’ to religion and churchianity against you in these end times. If you can’t come clean and effectively ‘detox’ , the enemy has a foothold in you. If you have ANYTHING in you that wants fame, fortune, popular acceptance, and approval, the enemy has yet another foothold in you. If you love attention, there is another one. If you love suffering, there is another one. if you love drama, there is another one,

What I notice is that some religious people  constantly apologize for no good reason. Is that just being polite or does it have a deeper meaning?

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5 Responses to Recovery for the Religious Addict

  1. tinalynn8 says:

    This post is an excellent depiction of what goes in within the grip of false religion and its practices-
    Looking back, I would say that my experience in the institution called church, in the least, took from ME a sense of identity and made me feel I had to submit to the goings-on within the building, which essentially kept from the simplicity of the LORD’s truths. But now I see after many years, that many of its practices produced in me, what I call a religious urgency to always be about doing “good’ yet not bringing about the true fruit of the LORD. THIS WAS MY SIN: IDOLATRY!

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    • gloria115 says:

      the church does strip you of your identity so they can tell you who you are based on the number of activities you get involved in.

      I was labelled an intercessory prayer warrior, a choir member etc. so i was just busy all the time, from prayer meetings to choir meetings, to bible study, & several services during the week. In all of this, the gospel was never preached in its simplicity.

      I thought engaging in all these activities were the fruits that i was saved BUT in secret i was struggling with demonic torment. If demons have so much access to someone, that is a telltale sign that the person is not worshiping the true God but demons.

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  2. tinalynn8 says:

    READING “FACES OF THE RELIGIOUS DEMON” WAS AN EXTREME EYE OPENER FOR ME. Two practices that spoke to me, that I saw and experienced personally in the charismatic churches, are false. Those being ‘confirmation and bibliomancy’. I finally understood that what I had concerns over, and doubting, I now understand those to be SIN.


  3. Reading this book helped me to see what religious demons are and how they operate in a believer’s life.


  4. The truth of Christ not religious behavior is what set a captive like me free.

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