Set Free By Angels

Be warned. If you provoke one of God’s angels, you will reap the consequences, as revealed by Exodus 23:20. If you seek angels, you are inviting a fallen angel into your life. He will answer you with torment.

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Many have been fascinated by angels, particularly as we watch their actions throughout the scriptures as angels  do  God’s bidding, protect God’s people and  send key  messages.  Nevertheless,  as much as  I find angels  interesting, I approach the topic with caution. My position on the matter is  that we need to avoid playing  with fire without  sufficient  knowledge.  For I have found that the spirit world can be like playing with matches.  For example,  many Charismatics have been taught to command angels in prayers and when they did, what they received was false conversions & torment. So I do not command or pray to or   directly communicate with angels, even when I know that they are present. Why? Because the bible warns us that angels can be provoked.  Here is an excerpt from the Fake Jesus: Fallen Angels Among Us:”

cover_the fake Jesus_newClick the cover for the softcover and the title link for the ebook

Consider Daniel. When Daniel prayed…

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2 Responses to Set Free By Angels

  1. gloria115 says:

    i used to engaged in a lot of “spiritual warfare” prayers binding & losing spirits. Calling the angels of God like Michael, Gabriel and giving them direction, inviting them into my home. Little did i know these prayers are traps, i do not have the authority to command Gods angels and me thinking i can was just fantasy.

    What i was inviting were fallen angels masquerading as God’s agents & they indeed caused torment. They cant just walk into someones’ life, they need the person to invite them knowingly or unknowingly.

    My advise for people interested in the supernatural – Stay clear of it! If the devil can masquerade as Jesus, am sure they are masquerading as “God’s angels” as well.

    The fake Jesus is an awesome book, i’ll never forget it, it revealed everything i was going through as a thought i was saved since i said the sinners prayer but all i did was invite fallen angels into my life. I revoked the invitation and my deliverance began.

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  2. I knew that this religious system is a fallen system but this book helped me understand who the fake Jesus is and all of the key players involved in the IC. It is not about specific religious people but the entire wayward religious system. It exposes the I accept doctrine and the fallacy of the sinner’s prayer. It explains the dangers of this religious system.

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