Deliverance From Error: Avoiding Truthiness, FAke News and Alternative Facts

When the Holy Spirit is undeceiving you, depending upon your degree of emptiness and detachment from false doctrine and practices you have continually fed upon, will determine your level of comfort with the process.

Pam Sheppard Ministries

I have noticed that some churchgoers feel absolutely miserable when they become undeceived. Their self worth was bound up in their acts of religion. Self-hatred, shame and guilt are a part of the process as well. Serious remorse and sorrow—the grieving stage—is usually followed by intense anger and desire for revenge against those who deceived them.

I never experienced any of that.

As for me, I was a minister for more than 25 years within a well-known denomination when I got undeceived. I NEVER GOT ANGRY OR BLAMED ANYONE ELSE. I was actually angry BEFORE I got undeceived. That is because most of the time, I was rejected by church folk and other ministers. So once I got undeceived, I realized why people in the institutional church aka the  IC did not like me. And so it was very easy for me  to forgive them and move on. Also, I…

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2 Responses to Deliverance From Error: Avoiding Truthiness, FAke News and Alternative Facts

  1. Tee says:

    I have found that family members and former church members who are still a part of the organized church system have an extremely hard time of letting go of what they have been conditioned to believe as true and of God, and therefore become resistant, and any time a person speaks of something foreign to them, they think it is THEIR duty to correct the other person, instead of being humble enough to open to a new thing God may be showing them…because in their mind they are “right” because they know of nothing else. They are in their religious box. Unfortunately, their religious pride blocks them from being able to really understand and digest some truths the Lord may be using that person to open their eyes to. Truth is stings to so many religious folks because they just couldn’t fathom in their religious minds that they may not be right about some things they have believed for so many years of their lives. Adding to what you said, when they do actually become undeceived, they feel so naked and weird, that they become insecure, and don’t know what to do with themselves. Their religion was their EVERYTHING. Without that, they are lost. They are addicted to religion, and without that religion, they don’t really know where to turn. I would say that for me, I was religious, but was never really addicted to religion, so it was easier for me to let go of a lot of things than it may be for other people. I did not feel guilt or shame, but did go through a phase of bitterness toward everyone in the churches that wronged me. I have since grown from that and realize that many, if not all of the people who deceived me did not know any better because they were deceived themselves. So, I hold no grudges, and simply move forward with preaching the truth of what I now know, and allow the Lord to undeceived whomever he chooses to undeceive in my life. I have yet to come across a family member who is still in the church or a former church member who is even WILLING to consider what I have to say. As I continue to share what the Lord has been showing me, I’ll wait and see what happens.

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    • gloria115 says:

      I on the other end WAS addicted to religion, it gave me identity that i lacked personally i.e. being called a child of God would make me feel great about myself as i suffered from low self esteem. I thank God for the torment i experienced because when i finally came across Pam’s videos, the torment had humbled me to the point where i could listen.

      I did feel lost when i was losing my religion but since i was also building up my will during the counseling sessions, i was able to let go of what i was holding on to and build a new identity for myself.

      Deliverance from error has been and is an amazing journey, since i put down what i held onto for years and received the truth, i have personally experienced that truth does infact make you free.

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