The Age of the Gentiles: IS IT OVER NOW? 

When I left the institutional church as a pastor in 2004, I never once considered that my time within Her was over.  In fact, I waited three more years for the Lord to order my steps into the pathway of a different denomination.

It never happened.

In fact, it was in the summer of 2007 that the Lord spoke  to my mind and intuitively revealed that  “the age of the Gentiles is over.” Yet He did not use those words. I was simply  asked a basic question concerning my ministry. At the time, I was traveling to churches in order to train and prepare them to cast out demons.  When He spoke, I had just started my traveling ministry, first to Lawrenceville Ga and then 10 days in Bermuda.   The third church had just cancelled my planned seminar, when He spoke to my mind, posing this question:

“Pam, would you hang curtains at the windows of a condemned building?”

This question proceeded in quite a back and forth conversation  about condemned buildings in the  symbolic context where  the condition of the entire institutional church was compared to an inner city, boarded up, condemned building. .  In short, It was clearly stated that the Holy Spirit nor the Angels of God were in any way connected to religious activities emanating from ANY pulpit in ANY church edifice.

As a minister for more than 2 decades at that time, these are not words that I wanted to hear, to say the least!! So I tried the spirits for one year, assuming that this spiritual convo  emanated from the devil. A year later, the Lord spoke again, this time, quite briefly.  He reminded me of the day I first went to church, September 3, 1979. When I entered the door, a power fell on me that was so strong, I assumed it was God and I joined that church immediately.  In the summer of 2008, I heard in the spirit  “the power that fell on you was not from Me. The 3 dreams you had that sent you there were not from Me either. I was not in the Church in 1979.”

WOW! Those brief words opened a Pandora’s box.  If this be so, then who was it that called me into ministry in 1979? was that God or the devil, cause I know without a doubt, that I did not call myself!  For when I was called, I barely knew what ministry WAS!

My mind was bombarded with several more questions.  Over time, these questions were ALL answered.   One question I did not have to consider because the answer was clearly evident because the options were few. For  If God did not touch me, then it was a religious demon  or fallen angel that drew me to the church in 1979.

Ten years have passed. I have not only received both   conversations  as from the Lord, I have recently considered yet another interpretation of His words..

Could it be that the condemned building was symbolic of the completion of  age of the Gentiles? That once  the Holy Spirit  left the institutional church,  God judged Her already? I heard the words, “Pam, when you visited that church in 979, the Holy Ghost was not there.”

Consequently, stands to reason that   without the ministry of the Holy Ghost and God’s Angels, the  church has been operating on both  human and demonic power for decades, perhaps a century.

The scriptures declare that at the end of the gentile age, the Lord will return.  When He does, He will revisit the Jews. In the  meantime, if you now realize that while you were in the IC, you either had a false conversion, was demonized or perhaps both of these conditions apply to you, do not fear. The Holy  Spirit can save you in a split second. In fact, know that God is the one who undeceived you in order to cause you to be born again. So be at peace and be comforted.

If you are not of the elect, you will simply consider me a quack. Don’t waste your time commenting because I will not respond.

In my effort to disprove the voice I heard in 2007, I did some research that resulted in the book, ” The Fake Jesus: Fallen Angels Among Us.  To those  who desire to understand how I know that I heard from God in 2007 and 2008, this book will be helpful.

(Click the title link for the paperback and the book cover for the ebook. )

RESCUE Ministries will appeal only to those whom God has begun to undeceive and who are sufficiently wise to not be “a foolish, unprepared virgin” when the Lord returns.  If you are one of those people, we can be reached at 888-818-1117 or complete the contact form below.

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