The Lord’s Burden is Light! We Answer Your Questions!

I personally love it when those I coach ask questions. Yet there will always be those few people who have ulterior motives for asking them, most not realizing that they are being used by the enemy to waste my time, getting caught up in a religious argument for the sake of strife and debate.

I can easily recognize when people are trying to stump me or put me on the spot. The Lord recognized that from the religious zealots of His day and He did not allow them to divert Him from His mission, nor did He cast His pearls to swine.

If a question is not going to take me an hour to answer, then by all means, go ahead and ask the question that is on your mind. If it is going to take time on my part to answer it and I believe it is a worthy question, then I will answer it by either a video, a blog or in a telephone coaching session.

The truth is that I refuse to play one upsmanship games with people.

I am a time manager. Within your coaching plan, I have allocated time to answer your questions and to respond to unlimited emails and texts.  On top of that, I read over every single written communication  you make. Sometimes that amounts to from 59-100 messages  a day, as well as all email interactions between you and your coach coordinator. if I think your questions are noteworthy, I place your them in a folder to discuss with you in your phone coaching session. At other times, you may be referred to a video , a book, or a blog if I have already answered your question in some form or another,

So I am on the job.

And I have no problem with responding to your question with an “I don’t know.” if it is noteworthy, your question will be researched immediately.

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