For Wannabees, Fake Christians and Hypocrites: Get Some Oil In Yo’ Lamps!

The Lord warns in the parable of the wise and foolish virgins (Matthew 25:1-13) that you must have oil in your lamp in order to be prepared for His return.

What does it mean to have oil in your lamp? On a spiritual level, having oil in your lamp means to be born again. Our “lamps” are our spirits. Before we are born again, our spirits are dark, dead, separated from God. But when we get born again, our spirits are translated or changed from darkness to light. The Holy Ghost creates in us a new, clean spirit, and comes into our new spirits to live. He is the light, the oil, in our lamps.

Even if we die and our physical bodies are dead and in the grave, the Holy Spirit still lives within our spirits. So when the Lord Jesus comes back and He shouts, it will be the Holy Ghost living in our born again spirits that will cause us to be raised from the dead, just as the Holy Spirit resurrected the Lord Jesus Christ from the dead. And for those of us who are alive when the Lord returns and shouts, the Holy Spirit living in our spirits will cause us to change at that moment from mortality to immortality, never able to die again! So there must be light in our lamps when the Lord returns.

Are you a foolish virgin, without oil in your spiritual lamp? A foolish virgin thinks that they are born again, but they’re not. They may have repeated a sinner’s prayer, said “I accept Jesus,” or “surrendered” their life to God. But the Lord will tell them, “I do not know you.” Why? Because they bypassed the light, the oil, the Holy Ghost. He is the one who saves you, not you making a decision to “accept” God.

So how does one transform from a foolish virgin into a wise one? In order to be prepared to receive light and truth from the Holy Spirit, you have to reject and cut off all religiosity. Jesus said, “If your right hand offend you, cut it off.” You need to get rid of that old false conversion that you, the institutional church, and the enemy helped you to conceive. Then you will be prepared for a true conversion led by the Holy Ghost.

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