The Mueller Indictment of 13 Russians: Prophecy Fullfilled Part 1

I tend to classify end-time signs into categories, including but not limited to the end of the gentile age, religion and the occult, natural disasters, worldwide politics, the social climate and of course, the emergence of the Antichrist and the return of the Lord Jesus Christ. Each sign is based on the fulfillment of biblical prophecy.

Consider an end time person identified by the prophet Daniel as “the king of the north.”  There are only 2 kings of the north at the present: the leader of North America and the leader of Russia.  This observation is rather simple. Clearly, Daniel identifies the King of the North as a leader seeking world domination.  That could not be President Trump, a nationalist focused on “America First!”However, Vladimir Putin seeks world domination.  No doubt about that as Mueller’s recent 37 page indictment of Russia’s interference in our 2016 presidential election confirms.

What a read!!!!  In short, the apparent strategic goal of the indicted Russians was to sow discord throughout our political system by spreading derogatory information about a number of candidates, particularly, Hillary Clinton—-, in order to support the candidacy of Donald Trump. They bought political ads on social media, staged political rallies, posed as US citizens without revealing their Russian identities, while communicating with unwitting Americans associated with the Trump campaign.  Beginning as early as 2014, those indicted mobilized a presidential campaign of their own that attracted countless US audiences.   Did they influence the election in favor of Trump?  My gut tells me “if they did not win the presidency for Trump, the Russians believe that they did and they are expecting reciprocity!!!”

The forethought that under-girded the  espionage plan as well as  the strategy that  mobilized the actions of the Russian conspiracy was not only phenomenal, but so diabolical, that Russia has clearly demonstrated a capability to be worthy  of  the prophet Daniel’s title of “king of the north.” In fact, Russia is in top contention  as the nation who may have spawned the  Antichrist. What this 37 page document personally confirms  is that for politicians and the media of this country, the issues may be collusion, obstruction and protecting future elections from Russian interference.  Yet my spiritual discernment suggests  that  Russia is far more dangerous to the entire world than North Korea.

Here is my perspective of   Russia’s hidden motivation for the United States.

In a nutshell, Russians  are out to destroy not only democracy but primarily they desire   to control America.   In short, they want our money, our worldwide influence and stature as well as  our  land.  To reach their goal, Russia has to destroy  our government, not by military warfare, but by causing the ruling administration to become Russia’s  puppets. When you look at the Republican Party, and Trump’s fear of speaking a word against the Russians, it is obvious that unless present leadership is overturned, Putin will be ruling this country as surreptitiously as he gained control of the 2016 election.  Let us see if the President  will execute the Russian sanctions that was almost unanimously approved by Congress.  If he continues to stall, then as the Godfather warned Michael “that’s the traitor!”

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