False Conversions Are An End-time Sign of the Plagues of Rev 18:4

I have been a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ since 1981, yet, I warn you. Church is not only a dangerous place , but around the globe, many churches are actually so dangerous, that people should run from them as if they were about to explode at any minute. I myself will never return for any reason. I explain in detail in “Come Out of Her, God’s People.”

I have a pastor’s heart and have functioned in the pastor’s calling for two decades , and I am still a pastor without a visible pulpit. My pulpit is the worldwide web. Anyone, anywhere can send me a message by email, social networks or call me on the phone.  I am available for prayer, counseling, teaching, training, personal guidance and deliverance. In fact,  I have chased more demons by phone in one year than I did as a pastor in the harlot system for 25 years!!!.

Even so, I personally believe that a person can grow spiritually without regularly attending any organized or institutional  church. Most definitely, you should assemble with the saints, but the word of God does not lay out a detailed order of service, nor does it suggest the day you should assemble, the time or even the nature of the place or building where gathering together should take place. We live in a computerized world, where we can “assemble” 24 and 7. Simply put, I truly believe that the institutional  church as it now stands will be completely revamped by the Lord. Why? Because quite frankly, the traditional structures are not working. I myself have no replacements to offer, I closed my own local assembly three years ago.

For 25 years in a well-known denomination  as an evangelist and then as a pastor, I was hopeful that repentance would bring about reformation and renewal to the institutional church. However, the love of money, which is the root of ALL evil, has permeated most of the church and I seriously doubt if the Lord is going to allow it to continue to exist in its present state. Judgement is swiftly coming and I shudder at what is going to happen to church and to churchgoers. There are plagues for those who do not “come out of Her.”

My suspicion that the age of the institutional church is either over or very close to ending has been growing over time. There is one startling fact.— I emphasize a crucial, damnable sign of the end of the gentile age. The bottom of the bottom line is that souls are not being saved in the organized church. What is really troublesome is that I am finding that even the best churches can be hazardous, primarily because subtle deception is actually held in place by the sincerity and the commitment of its leadership. To be sincerely wrong can be almost as deadly as being obviously deceived or purposefully deceptive.

In order to understand the nature of end times, we need to have a general insight on “what has been goin on.” I have read newsletters, articles and books written by well-meaning sisters and brothers that are too complicated for the average Christian. We have some very intelligent people in the remnant church—real deep, scholarly thinkers. The problem is that as they major on each individual tree, our minds are overrun with too many thoughts, too many ideas.

To get a picture of “what’s goin on” , it is important that we consider the intense significance of the fact that man was made a little lower than the angels. As are angels, we too are created beings. The highest created being was Lucifer, as there was no creature superior to him. Beneath Lucifer were the rest of the angelic creation: cherubim and seraphim, the archangels, principalities and powers, the lower angels and demons. The bible also suggests that there were other living creatures on earth who themselves fell at the time of Lucifer’s rebellion. It is believed that their disembodied spirits make up the lower class of demons. Of this, no one is sure. All we know is that no matter the class of demon, in the Nantichrist7ame of Jesus, we can “cast them out from people.”

However, demons cannot be cast out of the IC  because the leadership will not repent for practical reasons that I call the 5 “P’s”. It has too much to lose. Position–self images are in jeopardy. Power—too many enjoy ruling over others. Prestige–vanity relishes in the exaltation of people. Pride–puffed up preachers will not admit to doctrinal error. Prosperity–too many livelihoods depend upon tithes and offerings. No one will risk financial stability in hard times.

The dire situation of the visible church is like a run away train. To stop, it must crash. And crash She will.

For that, we have President  Donald Trump. More on this subject soon.



You may be one of those who has come out of the institutional  church, yet you may need deliverance from Her affects and Her plagues. If you need help, call 518-888-818-1117 or complete the contact form below:

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10 Responses to False Conversions Are An End-time Sign of the Plagues of Rev 18:4

  1. tinalynn8 says:

    Your comment of:
    “What is really troublesome is that I am finding that even the best churches can be hazardous, primarily because subtle deception is actually held in place by the sincerity and the commitment of its leadership.To be sincerely wrong can be almost as deadly as being obviously deceived or purposefully deceptive”

    There is such a danger to listen to others and not study for yourself and inquire to see if the things purported from the pulpit are TRUE!… MANY are being led to the slaughter with evil doctrine and do not even KNOW it…

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    • gloria115 says:

      some people escape churches and start bible studies or home churches but that isn’t the solution. False doctrine has permeated the church that even those who escape leave with false doctrine.

      Christian TV is notorious for spreading false teachings as well. It’s crucial to analyse the beliefs we have held on to for years.

      As for the I.C. there really is no redemption, even Jesus spoke of its outcome in the mustard seed, they only thing to do is to come out and not carry anything as you leave.

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  2. pastorps911 says:

    I was in the church for 25 years. most of whom I met were sincere, yet sincerely wrong, I was sincerely wrong also. The only difference between me and them is that they were more committed to the institution than they were to God Himself. I tolerated the institution but I was really not religious.

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    • tinalynn8 says:

      as to one considering LEAVING the institution called church, it seems the only and most important QUESTION a person need ask themselves, as a true follower and believer of GOD, is
      “AM I WILLING TO PUT the TRUTH above everything else and GIVE my allegiance in TOTAL obedience to GOD, ‘above’ all my relationships, all propped up seemingly good church programs, and drop ALL religious baggage for good, to do so?”

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    • That is certainly it. The most sincere fall into the trap of religion.

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  3. People use religion sometimes to self medicate and then the trap is set for a false conversion.

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    • gloria115 says:

      i agree, its such a trap. Religion & church programs your mind to feel that you are only safe there, everywhere else is dangerous. Sadly many, including me walked into the belly of the beast and suffered torment for it. I value the deliverance i have received by accepting the truth.

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    • tinalynn8 says:

      YES, RELIGION becomes the ‘crutch’ of total dependence where the person becomes emotionally manipulated to LIVE a ‘supposed godly life’ by the instruction of evil doctrines that have a form of godliness and lead the sincere down a slippery slope of DECEPTION. The tragedy is that JESUS becomes an after-thought in the process, without any consideration or respect for his death, burial and HIM being resurrected in “His” body..


  4. Tee says:

    Growing up, I have always questioned religious practices. So much of it seemed so contradictory to me. When I came to my senses and truly detoxed from it all, I was able see the error in it even more clearly. It became GLARINGLY obvious that something is TERRIBLY WRONG with organized religion.


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