An Endtime Reminder: SAVE FOOD AND WATER by Pam Sheppard

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It was 2011. Summertime I think.

I had a dream that showed that this country was under martial law, in the hands of some Nordic looking men whose demeanor was similar to the Russian mafia.  They were peaceful but they were on guard outside.  It was a bright, sunny day when the electricity went off, and the running water turned muddy or contaminated.  I asked the Russian Goon squad if the local market was opened and they said all stores were shut down. I was going outside to get some bottles of water that I keep in my car and they said “Lady,get back inside.” I replied, “who are YOU?  They replied with a smirk, “We are with Obama.”

So I reasoned that whatever was going to happen,the dream was giving me the date. I realized that Obama would have to be re-elected for this to be valid. In 2011,   it had seemed he would  lose.  So I wAited until 2012 before taking this dream seriously. I figured that whatever would bring about these things would happen between 2015-2016.

Recently, I have watched a video that filled in the blanks. I will not post the video.  If you think you can take it, let me know and I will send it to you by email.

The time period is exactly the same—2015-2016.

1. A major earthquake hits the USA.

2. Because of a natural disaster,Obama is appointed to  a third term.  He is predicted to be our last president.

3. While we are weak, Russia invades and takes over the country, which explains why in my dream they said with a smirk “we are with Obama.”

I won’t give the gory details.  The  main point of the video is a warning to save food and water, just as my dream warned. In fact, at the end of the dream, I am sitting in the middle of my floor crying out “I knew I was supposed to save food and water but I did not do it.  it is interesting that I was not given the gory details while others WERE. It is quite disturbing so I recommend that you not watch the video.

I had heard these predictions before.  I just never saw them pulled together in one video.

Jesus said to His people that WE ARE NOT TO PANIC. Just start QUIETLY  stocking up. Cans are best because you don’t Need to add water and you can eat right out of the can.   Make sure the expiration date on the can is at least 2017 or longer. Water is the problem.  It has a five year shelf life.  You need to collect it in a variety of forms. Also you need disinfectants to clean the water.

I posted this NOW because time is short.  We are already halfway into 2015. If all of this is true, we have from 3 months to a yeR to get the provisions we need.

I want to make it plain that just because my dream ties into the prophecies from others does not mean that we have heard from God.  This could be a grand hoax from the devil. I do not feed into conspiracy theories. Yet, better safe than sorry.  If it does not happen, I will rejoice and give my goods to the SalvationArmy.

This is not a conspiracy theory post. Therefore, I am not going to speculate about what is going to happen by adding my two cents to the conspiracy theory library. All I am warning you to do is what I was shown 4 years ago.


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1 Response to An Endtime Reminder: SAVE FOOD AND WATER by Pam Sheppard

  1. pastorps911 says:

    We can now see that those who predicted that Obama was the last president WERE WRONG. I am glad I did not jump on that false conspiracy theory bandwagon in 2015. Russia in my dream actually did what I saw but did not fully understand. I saw my computer scramble. I DID NOT UNDERSTAND THAT IN 2011 WHEN I HAD THE DREAM.

    RUSSIA infiltrated the USA through a cyber war, where they hacked emails and planted fake news.

    Now the question is “What will the White House so do to give Russia and Putin more power over this country that will cause us all to need our own supply of food and water?”

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