2017 Predictions: Peace For 3 1/2 Years Or an Early Fall?

This article was written and posted by Pastor Pam Sheppard on January 3, 2017

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Prediction 1: The Institutional Church as it now stands, is clearly the Harlot of the Book of Revelation

We all have been lulled into a semi or fully delusional state where we are drugged into believing something we know deep down inside ‘just isn’t right.’ We just went to church and went along with the programs to get along. We didn’t want to rock the boat, so to speak, out of fear that we would be labeled ‘rebellious,’ ‘unfaithful,’ “homophobic, “‘unteachable,’ or a host of other names leadership likes to place on thinking people who were blessed with common sense AND wisdom to know both error and  game when we see it.

When I was a faithful pastor in the institutional church, , I had several memorable dreams that showed me the spiritual condition of the entire IC but I misinterpreted them. I thought the dreams were pertaining to the actual church I saw, when a particular church was only intended to be representative. A symbol OF THEM ALL.

In these dreams, the pulpit and altar area were defiled with menstrual blood, feces and urine. I would also dream about toilets overflowing in the sanctuary. I did not understand those dreams until after I left the IC.

I now know that the defilement represented the plagues. For in the natural, plagues have broken out because of infectious, unclean conditions like rats and such. The unclean natural condition of a house will cause it to be condemned, boarded up. A haunted house is filled with the demons that once inhabited the dead who lived in that house. When the inhabits died, the demons came out and did not have anywhere else to go and reside unless new people rented or bought the house.

I call the IC a haunted house because it is filled with evil spirits who have taken Her over, because of the plagues. These are the seducing spirits that the Apostle Paul warned Timothy about. They are fallen angels that specialize in teaching religion. Jesus called the religious folk of his day, white washed tombs on the outside, contaminated with dead men’s bones on the inside. This is the institutional church today. It is a huge whitewashed tomb. A haunted house.

Don’t let the white washed physicality, Her stained glass beauty fool you. The spirit realm is invisible to our eyes but it still exists. In the spirit realm, every pulpit is covered in unclean blood, urine and feces, no matter how sincere the pastor or how helpful and kind are Her members.

In the last few years, I have not focused on warning people to “come out of Her.” I suppose because  I have faith that the Lord will find a way to rescue His elect from Satan’s  grip. My task is simply to bind up the wounded and prepare the elect for the next battle.

Prediction 2. Russia and the Presidency

In the summer of 2011, I dreamt that  Russia took over the streets of the USA while Obama was still the President. This dream occurred BEFORE Obama was elected to a second term.

So I watched up until early October 2016, when the media announced that Russia was trying to influence the election.   Then my 5-year-old dream became quite clear. In that dream, I was advised to prepare, by saving food and water.  I could tell you why right now , but I am not at liberty to do so at this time.

As to Donald Trump, about a week after he was declared the winner of the electoral college vote, I had a dream about him. In the dream, President Trump was compared to the movie “King Kong.” In that movie, Kong was quite powerful in his native habitat.  Nevertheless, Kong was captured, brought to America to be a sideshow, but he broke loose from his chains and terrorized NYC, until he was shot down from atop the Empire State Building in the first movie, and the World Trade Center in the second remake.  Kong laid on the streets of NYC, on his back, as he slowly, but surely died from his fall.

In my dream, this is what I saw happen  to the President Elect—   a native and resident of NYC by the way, a powerful man who has his own “Trump Towers” to fall from.

Is this a literal or symbolic fall?

I suspect it is symbolic.  My question is “when does this fall take place?”  Is he taken down by the hypocritical and sneaky Republicans who clearly despise him and join forces with the weak Dems in Congress,  or will he fall at the Lord’s return to earth?

If it’s the latter, then it will be in 3 1/2 years, after a positive  reign of worldwide  peace. If it’s the former, than it could be in 2017. For Pres Elect Trump’s sake, the former is the better option.

If you need deliverance in 2017 or if the Lord has led you out of the IC, you are welcome to keep  in touch.

For more info, write to getreadyforthelord@gmail.com or call toll-free: 1-888-818-1117


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10 Responses to 2017 Predictions: Peace For 3 1/2 Years Or an Early Fall?

  1. tinalynn8 says:

    People tend think they have so much time to do whatever they want or need to do, BUT our times are changing before our very eyes!
    we need to kick it and GET READY FOR THE LORD! HE’s Coming SOON!

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  2. pastorps911 says:

    Recently, I had a dream about my area. I was walking around it and it appeared desolate. No buildings, yet not much debris. Like the fallen buildings had been removed.

    I got in front of a familiar place, because there were people outside I recognized who worked there. They were sitting outside in a booth, hiring folk. They said they had 80 jobs and no one to fill them.

    I was offered a job but the salary was way too low. So I said “I can do the job part time because my job is flexible. I work for Vladimir Putin.”

    As soon as I said his name, I started to urinate, right there in the bed. Never did that in my life since I was younger than a toddler.

    What does this mean? Well, I have an interpretation, but what do YOU think?


    • abbles182 says:

      I think it means that Putin will have a big impact on everything we are familiar with. Jobs and wages will not be as flourishing as before. Our environment as we know it will no longer be the same. It’s as if all the good things of before have vanished and that is because of Putin. His impact on us will be a negative one.


  3. abbles182 says:

    I received many experiences were I finally understood that God led me out of the institutional church. I do believe there are pastors that really want to help people be saved but because of this mass promotion of the alter call, the walk up to the alter and ‘accept Jesus’, unfortunately many do not realize that true salvation is not happening, instead people are unknowningly worshipping the fake Jesus called Jesus Sananda Immanuel.

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  4. abbles182 says:

    Now when you look at today’s President and his obvious relationship with Putin, how can one not notice that things are just not right? Things are not right with our democracy. The corruption, scandal, and “alternative facts” within our democratic system, lets not forget that many of these politicians are claiming to be conservative Christians. It’s important to not be such a follower in this religious institutional system that is also laddled with deception.

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  5. abbles182 says:

    I like this article, it is signaling what may come. I think it’s better to be prepared than not to be.

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  6. Yes we are to be warned about what is to come and so we can prepare for the physical coming of the AC!

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  7. People need to know that a false peace is coming and they need to know who is behind the false peace.

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