How Christians Are Demonized when They Open the Heart Chakra

I am still doing my research on chakras. I am not one that gets distracted by loads of details. My goal is to find out what occultists are looking to accomplish when they seek to open their chakras and for what reason. I only want to know in a general way how they attempt to accomplish their goals. Here is a general statement from a spiritual Satanist website  that answers my question:

Opening your soul will open your spiritual eyes and lead you to see the truth and obtain enlightenment. In addition, you will discover many so-called “supernatural” powers within yourself when you empower your chakras. When the chakras are correctly aligned and empowered, healing of both physical, and mental ailments will often occur miraculously.

Now that statement reminds me of what Satan said to Eve. It is all about trying to become a god.  Besides Satanists, New Agers and occultists,  Charismatic Christians  have already formulated a “we are gods” teaching. Word of faith ministers teach that  when we ask something of God in faith, He MUST answer our request because He made us to be  “little gods.”

I have heard Kenneth Copeland teach this.  Copeland has such a profound influence  on ministers that only God knows how far and wide this false doctrine has spread.  The teaching  is based on a wrong interpretation of two scriptures. Psalm 82:6 reads, “I said, ‘You are “gods”; you are all sons of the Most High.’” Jesus quotes this psalm in John 10:34, “Is it not written in your law, ‘I have said you are gods’?” However, both of these passages include surrounding scriptures.  that clearly do not indicate human divinity. Psalm 82:6 is followed by a warning that “you will all die like mere men, you will fall like every other ruler” (verse 7). The reference is to leaders who represent God’s authority in the world, including kings, judges, and magistrates.

What these deceived  teachers   don’t seriously consider,  is that the soul is where the human heart is. And the bible says that the heart or the heart chakra if you would, is not just wicked, but desperately wicked. With this fact in mind,  I understand why people with false conversions end up badly tormented. A wicked soul seeking power will produce evil results.

In my deliverance counseling history with demonized,  tormented people who were seeking to be “little gods,” the Holy Spirit led me to close their chakras.  I addressed the deity or low level god by name, and I commanded each of them , one by one, for  all demons to come out and for the each chakra to be closed. Most of the people were hearing voiced  24/7. And it stopped. I talked to most of my clients  a year after the deliverance. No more voices.

Deliverance counseling by phone once a week prepared my clients in torment  for deliverance without my knowing anything at all about chakras. Yet once I found out about chakras, I realized that demons use them as doorways to enter the soul.

How do professing Christians open their chakras?  Thus far, my work has revealed the following ways.

1. sexual intercourse with a demon in a dream

2. drugs

3. visiting a fortune-teller

4. receiving healing through occult powers

5. reading occult books.

6.  Anger. (By anger, demons transmit certain diseases or sicknesses.  Demons will manipulate people to seek solutions from witches and  occultist—a psychic healer–who himself is an agent of demons in  disguise.

7.Asking Jesus to come into your heart

The video above focuses on #7. Does it sound reasonable that a born again person who actively attends church should be hearing voices constantly? Or that the act of going to church can cause a person’s chakras to open?  or that when ministers lay hands on you, you walk away demonized? How does one go to church and become crazy?

Logical reasoning ought to suggest to you that when you passively submitted and obeyed authority within the institutional church, if you walked away with your chakras opened and hearing voices 24/7, sheer commonsense will tell you that something is wrong with THAT picture.

There are too many people affected by torment from demons  for me or my ministry to work with.  So if you can work on your own,  this book was written for you.  The Church of the End-time Zombies deals with chakras in at least 2/3 of the book.


Click the title for the paperback and the book cover for the ebook.


If you need my personal  help, complete the contact form below. Before you make contact, just know that this is no quick fix.  In most cases, you are dealing with fallen angels. Demons can be cast out but a different strategy must be taken with fallen angels, who I distinguish from demons by calling them “evil spirits.”  Since these entities  are not IN you most of the time, they can’t be cast out.  Fallen angels  must be resisted by truth and a strong will. THIS WILL TAKE TIME!

If you have opened your heart chakra or any other, call toll free 888-818-1117 to make an appointment for a telephone deliverance counseling session.


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4 Responses to How Christians Are Demonized when They Open the Heart Chakra

  1. gloria115 says:

    the sinners prayer has no basis in scripture at all , Jesus doesn’t not enter people’s heart, fallen angels and demons will! Irony is many go to the church seeking safety but put themselves in dangerous situations saying prayers and performing religious acts that open themselves up to the spirit world.

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  2. pastorps911 says:

    I agree totally. Those who don’t go to church are influenced by them on TV. MAny have picked up demons when they followed the instructions of the mega preachers. This thing goes deep. AS we have to also consider the church members who go forth with their tracts,mtellijg people that they need to say a saner&is prayer to be saved.

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  3. tinalynn8 says:

    In addition to becoming demonized, many have become financially “BANKRUPT” from listening to the manipulaters of sowing seed doctrines.
    Congregants pockets are emptied while the leaders NEVER DO WITHOUT.
    For those who lose their livlihood over this , God uses this as a huge WAKE-UP CALL for them!

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    • bsallis says:

      So that they see that Jesus is not in the prosperity gospel, he’s not in the Institutional Churches anymore either. According to your book The Fake Jesus, he hasn’t been there since 1977.


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