Sin Is Not Just What We Do. IT IS WHO WE ARE!!!

Sin is Not Just What We Do, it’s WHO we ARE!

Recently , I had a phone session with a woman who yielded to the temptation of sexual sin, that went beyond what is biblically  defined as “fornication.” .  I truly wish I had a recorder running to be able to hear and write down what I said “to Mary.” It was deep.

In a nut shell, Mary went over the deep end of her own moral code and performed some sinful acts that she would never even have dreamed of. She was filled with shame and self-pity. in such a pitiful condition,  it is difficult for her to come out of self sorrow so that the Holy Spirit can convict her with godly sorrow.  I explained to her that she was every bit the same sinner she was before she met the guy and committed those acts.  Being a sinner has less to do with the acts  of sin than it does with the nature of sin.  Using myself as an example, before I was born again, I suspect I was  capable of murder.  However,  fear of going to prison and being separated from my child is what stopped me from killing somebody.  I took control of my temper and allowed my free will to decide against homicide. However,  according to the words of the Lord in Matthew 5:27, 28, I was still a murderer because I WANTED TO DO IT because I thought about doing it.  God’s law is higher than the criminal law of man’s justice system.

Who alone can change the sinful nature?  The Holy Ghost.  This is what being born again is all about.  Old things are passed away and all things become NEW!

Here is an excerpt from the new The Church of the Endtime Zombies  that gave Mary hope.

“You have been set up by the religious demon assigned to you to first believe that you are born again when the demon knows that you have had a false conversion. Consequently, the demon or fallen angel works with and capitalizes on YOUR deception by accusing you of losing a salvation that you never had in the first place. Evil spirits did so by suggesting blasphemous thoughts to your mind. Since you believe the thoughts are your own, then these entities proceed to accuse you of blasphemy. It is quite a setup to first send you the thoughts that they planted themselves and then accuse you for having “their” thoughts. Continually oppressing you with these thoughts, and making effective use of your ability to hear their voices, they are able to keep you captive. Their intent is that you become so debilitated that there is no fight left in you, the epitome of passivity.

click book cover for ebook and the book title for the paperback

click book cover for ebook and the book title for the paperback

I have some liberating news for you, if you would only   receive it. You need to be cognizant of the fact that your concern that you are reprobate is strong evidence that you have not committed the unpardonable sin. Why? Because true reprobates have denied both the cross and the resurrection and so they have no care or fear of blaspheming the Holy Spirit since they do not believe in His existence. Obviously, you believe in Him because you are afraid. Your fear is yet another strong proof that you have not blasphemed, nor are you reprobate.”




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3 Responses to Sin Is Not Just What We Do. IT IS WHO WE ARE!!!

  1. pastorps911 says:

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    Satan is the accuser. You let him win when you receive his condemnation. For there is no condemnation to those who are IN Christ Jesus.

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  2. tinalynn8 says:

    we all have a DEPRAVED nature. – without the power of God’s GRACE working in our lives through revelations of His truths, there will SIMPLY be NO CHANGE.

    The question is, do we desire His truth above our own interests in life….

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  3. Our works only cover up our depraved condition. We come before spiritually bare and humble and only He can help us deal with our depravity. Religious works only cover up these things but when the Holy Spirit removes our spiritual blindness only then can we begin to see.

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