Resist Deception in the IC. Be Not Mocked By False Signs and Wonders!

rat-raceI find that the easiest people for me  to work with in regards to  rational, commonsense conversations concerning   the evils within the institutional church  and the fact that their own local  church is not immune from Satanic deception, is when someone contacts me who is in torment, and who also is suffering from  the delusion that they are born again.  Does not the bible declare that  “God did not give us a spirit of fear and of torment, but He gave us a sound mind.” So if your mind is not sound and you are in torment, it becomes clear and logical to ask the question,  “How could I  possibly be   born again?

Furthermore, if you’ve been in a local church for several years , and the leadership  still has not recognized your problems, nor have they helped you with them,  it becomes a lot easier to ask yourself “how could  God be  in there?” When a churchgoer starts to think outside his or her religious box, the result is that  he or she is free to  also to take note of  how many people in his  local  church are patients in  the mental health system or the substance abuse system with all kinds of strange health and medical problems, yet  healing and deliverance is consistently preached.   Finally,  when you are free in your mind to  consider that  the pastor’s family is not delivered, aren’t these apparent contradictions signs that God is not there?

I find it  best to reason  with the deceived, rather than use  the bible as a weapon to   “bang, bang, bang, bang” folk over their heads.  People need to be encouraged to operate with a sound mind so as to come to their own conclusions.  When a sound mind is delivered from the bondage of passivity, churchgoers will pose their own questions like   ” how is this happening , and why  is that not happening?”Church folk quickly pick up the lingo, and will go about declaring  “I’m blessed! I’m blessed, I’ve got this, I’ve got that,  so  I’m blessed!” And most of the time, they either really don’t believe that; or they are in serious  bondage to  a delusion. And so, when I hear such a declaration, I enquire  “what does it mean to be blessed? ”  I will do a church folk thing and ask “how does the bible define the nature of being blessed?”  For example, in  Psalm 1. “Blessed is the man (or woman) that walks not in the counsel of the ungodly.” And then, I share with them that what their church is preaching is ungodly counsel. As the most important example of ungodly counsel, you have been taught that you can accept God.  The truth is that   if are to be born again, God has already chosen YOU and not the other way around.

 Then Psalm 1 continues with not  walking  in the counsel of the ungodly, or standeth in the way of sinners. Then I would ask the question,  “Can you  tell the difference between the folk in your local church  and  sinners by  the way they look, the way they operate, the way they talk, the places that they go? this is a subject for yet another post.

“Or sitteth in the seat of the scornful.” One of the things I get the churchgoer to notice   is that the devil loves to mock the church and people who present themselves as the pillars of the church. For example, with Benny Hinn, they haven’t been able to find anybody of all those people that he has waved his hands at, or prayed for, or declared healed. Among all those thousands upon thousands of people.  the last I heard is that there is no  proven record that even ONE really got healed.

So I think its important to ask church folk who come our way this important question.   “What is the I. C. really doing for you? Why do you say you’re blessed? Are you really? Is there any fear and torment operating in you or in your family? Are you in captivity to the devil? How can you be in captivity to the devil and you go to church every time the doors are open? Why are you suffering with this or that and you’re a faithful and committed churchgoer?” These are some of the kinds of questions that people will b e offended by but will they will ponder when the dust clears. . “Do you hear from God? Are your prayers being answered? Tell me some of the prophecies that have been said over you. Have they come to pass?”

When I was in the IC as a pastor, the devil was talking to me constantly.  I thought I was hearing from God.  He would make me promises in dreams that he KNEW would never come to pass. His motive was to cause me to weaken in faith and to distrust God.  Once my eyes were opened to the truth, I rarely hear from the enemy in this manner.  Once his tricks were exposed, he did exactly what the Apostle Paul wrote that he would do.  I resisted him and he fled from me.

So if you are constantly hearing things or receiving visions and you believe it’s the Lord, you need to check yourself by trying the spirits.  The devil was talking to me  just about every day, and every day I  thought it was God. His pattern was to  reveal 3 things about my future. When two things came to pass, I was duped into thinking the third and most important thing would transpire, BUT IT did not.

So what kind of blessing is that? To be mocked is NOT A BLESSING. 

So be bold and sincere enough to ask a deceived churchgoer this question.  “Are you being mocked as you sit there on that pew? ? Is the devil using sickness, disease, depression, substance abuse, pornography, to mock you?”

Well if he can mock you this way, without you figuring out the deception, and if you’ve been over to that church all this time, and you STILL  don’t see it, then perhaps you ain’t saved either, and God is not there.”

What stirred your own intellect that caused YOU to receive the truth and become  undeceived?

If the game is still being played, then why are you STILL stuck on stupid?

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18 Responses to Resist Deception in the IC. Be Not Mocked By False Signs and Wonders!

  1. Tee says:

    To me, it was a no brainier. I noticed evil, occult type things going on in churches and asked myself, “Now could God be in THAT???” And the more I researched factual information, the more I was shown false doctrines and practices EVERYWHERE in every type of church I had either attended or known about. Makes ya go, “Hmmmmmmm….”


  2. bsallis says:

    “For example, with Benny Hinn, they haven’t been able to find anybody of all those people that he has waved his hands at, or prayed for, or declared healed. Among all those thousands upon thousands of people. the last I heard is that there is no proven record that even ONE really got healed.”

    From what I’m learning from you Pastor Pam, I suspect that he’should putting demons in the people he lays hands on.

    1. That’s not Jesus Christ Of Nazareth. That’s Sananda, the Fake Jesus.

    2. When he lays hands on the people who come up for healing, it’s usually on top of the head. (Crown chakra.) Or the forehead. (3rd Eye chakra.) With it being under Sananda, whatever words he speaks could mean the opposite. Example : “Come out!” (“Come in!”) With the chakras open, and the person in the ASC, the demons are free to go in. Until they are cast out in the name of Jesus Christ Of Nazareth.

    3. Demons can counterfeit healing by giving the captive a disease, then lifting their hand from that person’s illness so that it appears that the person was healed.

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    • gloria115 says:

      absolutely yes to the #3 point. demons can orchestrate an illness or even an accident or near death experience and then the person will get a vision of “Jesus” who saves him from the calamity so he in return gives his life to Christ & ask Jesus into his heart when the real Jesus doesn’t not enter people’s hearts at all. It was all an elaborate set up to trap the person into accepting fallen angels & demons into their life.

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    • pastorps911 says:

      You have made some very outstanding observations, Bsallis.

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  3. gloria115 says:

    The programming of people in the church is thick, it confirms the verse on a strong delusion because many will defend the church and pastors who have shown that they are not to be trusted. Many are suffering from bad decisions especially finances because they think their turn will come after they have sowed a seed for years, even decades

    One of the main fears people have is, if they leave the institutional church they are leaving God, they need to understand that the two are not connected.

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    • pastorps911 says:

      A most important point Gloria. My circumstances were different, that is why I could leave after 25 years of committed attendance. I became born again in 1977 at home. I went to church 2 years later. And even though I was a pastor with church responsibilities and aspirations, when the Lord came to me in a dream and told me to leave, I was able to obey without recriminations.

      For me, my relationship with the Lord had nothing to do with the IC.

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    • bsallis says:

      That’s what turned my Mother off to (she says church, but she really means) Jesus Christ Of Nazareth. Oral Roberts and Seed Faith. She sowed quite a bit of money in the beginning. But never reaped the harvest.

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    • tinalynn8 says:

      Right Gloria,
      Neither are we commanded to stay in a BUILDING!
      the True Church are the actual ones “called out”, (the ECCLESIA ) “CALLED OUT ONES”
      we have been called out from among false followers that teach false doctrine in a false system of religious institutions, called ‘church’

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  4. abbles182 says:

    This is a good one. It is straight to the point about the deception that’s going on in the institutional church. This quote “Does not the bible declare that ‘God did not give us a spirit of fear and of torment, but He gave us a sound mind.’ So if your mind is not sound and you are in torment, it becomes clear and logical to ask the question, ‘How could I possibly be born again?’- that quote makes sense..if one has truly received salvation in Jesus Christ of Nazareth how can one be experiencing continuous fear and torment from the devil?


  5. abbles182 says:

    We are in the the times where mass deception is happening right now even in the institutional church. It’s up to those who are meant to be undecieved to see all that is being exposed in the church building.


  6. abbles182 says:

    Believing in God and hearing the gospel of Jesus – his birth, crucifixion, and physical resurrection from death is possible to do when not inside the church system anymore. The gathering inside the building is not necessary in order to hear the gospel properly.

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  7. abbles182 says:

    People are receiving torment, suffering from depression, mental sicknesses and going to the church building for help but instead they end up worse with even more torment and more demons.

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  8. We should be looking at the fruit. A fake Christ causes professing believers to focus on material things. But what about getting free from torment, condemnation and those issues that plague the mind and the soul?
    Here we learn what it truly means to work out the soul and what it truly means to be born again. How can a corrupted tree produce good fruit?

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