RESCUE: Healing of Spirit, Soul and Body


Do you feel like you need healing? Are you troubled by some spiritual things happening with you that you feel like no one else around you understands? Are you damaged by the church or by religion? Do you need to be delivered from some challenging situations in your life? Do you need to talk to someone about some spiritual struggles you are having? Are you seeking a private space, without judgment, to share about your challenges and receive help? 

Well, we are HERE. We are RESCUE, an online Christian group for folks who are not attending church, have been damaged by religious practices, and need help detoxing from religion. One of the primary roles of RESCUE is to minister to people who need healing. The Lord allows us to accomplish this task through our unique way of counseling, coaching, mentoring, and preaching truth that sets captives free according to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Bible. 

We have found that many of the religious practices that occur in the churches today water down the TRUE Gospel of Jesus Christ, which therefore causes a great amount of spiritual damage to believers, and leaves people confused, without a solid foundation. Many churches do this by preaching gospels that either add to, or detract from the True Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Are you sensing this? Do you feel led to search DEEPER for truth? If so, RESCUE just might be the avenue for you. We have a great deal of blogs, videos, links, and books for you to browse through, so stop by and check us out.

If you are so inclined to move forward, we are only a phone call or email away.

TO ENTER THE COUNSELING/COACHING COMPONENT, call to schedule an appointment for a telephone session at 888-818-1117. You can also send an email to

Here are some links to books and websites that you may find helpful to you as well:

The Church of the End-Time Zombies:



The Fake JESUS: Fallen Angels Among Us:

Paperback, Ebook, 



About Tee

Hi! I'm Tee. I have been a Rescue member since 2012. Growing up, I had been exposed to many different types of churches, and all I kept finding was false doctrine EVERYWHERE! Even at a young age, I questioned most religious practices within the organized church system. I also used to be involved with the occult. I finally left the organized church and the occult for good, and God led me to RESCUE, an online ministry focused on setting people free from the bondage of religion and the occult by preaching the TRUTH, according to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Through RESCUE, I am happy to say that I have been set free from both the bondage of religion and the occult! The truth truly DOES set you free! For more information about RESCUE, contact Pastor Pam at or at 1-888-818-1117.
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2 Responses to RESCUE: Healing of Spirit, Soul and Body

  1. gloria115 says:

    one thing we definitely need at this time is to be sober but you can’t be sober without a sound mind, that’s what i got in RESCUE. I had to unlearn the many lies i held on to taught in the Institutional Church. Once all that clutter is removed, my mind felt healed and i was restored to hear the truth and be more discerning.

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  2. My folly and fantasy had to be removed so that I could hear and understand the power of the Cross and of the Resurrection. True healing goes beyond what the IC teaches.

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