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Hi! I'm Tee. I have been a Rescue member since 2012. Growing up, I had been exposed to many different types of churches, and all I kept finding was false doctrine EVERYWHERE! Even at a young age, I questioned most religious practices within the organized church system. I also used to be involved with the occult. I finally left the organized church and the occult for good, and God led me to RESCUE, an online ministry focused on setting people free from the bondage of religion and the occult by preaching the TRUTH, according to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Through RESCUE, I am happy to say that I have been set free from both the bondage of religion and the occult! The truth truly DOES set you free! For more information about RESCUE, contact Pastor Pam at or at 1-888-818-1117.


Immersed in religion and church most of my life, I had NEVER heard the true Gospel, until June 26, 2012, delivered by Pastor Pam Sheppard. After being out of the institutional church for quite some time, I found Pastor Pam … Continue reading

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Communicating with the Dead is Communicating with FALLEN ANGELS!!!

                             I used to love the occult. I got into the occult because of my mother. She was not a religious, churchgoing woman, but worshiped angels and was one to become easily pulled into conspiracy theories, new age thinking, and the … Continue reading

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RESCUE: Healing of Spirit, Soul and Body

Do you feel like you need healing? Are you troubled by some spiritual things happening with you that you feel like no one else around you understands? Are you damaged by the church or by religion? Do you need to … Continue reading

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The Great Falling Away

As I am watching everything unfold, my attention has turned to the professing Christians who are Trump supporters, who, no matter WHAT you say to them, they continue to believe a lie and support evil. Truth can be staring them … Continue reading

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