Why Is America Not In the Bible? Trump, King Kong and the Chaldeans

Over the last 40 years since I have been born again, I have wondered why the United States of America is not mentioned in end-times bible prophecy. THE USA has been a world power my entire life.  So , “what have we missed?” Could our answer be found in Donald Trump? Only 40 or so days into his administration, I have been led  to a sobering observation. america

Consider the Chaldeans mentioned  in the old testament historical record. The prophet Habakkuk predicted that Judah would be judged by God with an invasion of Judah and the destruction of the temple by the Chaldeans.  It happened.  Yet the Chaldeans no longer exist while the Israelites survived the onslaught and obtained their own land in 1948.

Some churchfolk believe that America is not in the bible because most of us will be raptured by God, leaving our country behind when all the born again citizens are snatched away by the Lord Jesus Christ.  The country, almost totally in-inhabited without born again believers,  will have lost her standing as a world power.

What a crock!  This country is so filled with professing Christians with false conversions, that if the Lord were to come back today, He would find few faithful believers.  So this is not the answer.


Yet it has come to me since 1/20/17 that perhaps the USA is not mentioned in the bible because like the Chaldeans, we “fade off the world scene.” For the longer Donald Trump is in office, there is a possibility that he will shortly devastate our nation to such a point of chaos, that Americans share the same fate as the Chaldeans, removed from the international scene as a dominant world power.

Yet there is good news.  On Nov, 11, 2016, I had a dream.  The message of that dream is that Donald Trump will fall.  The fall was compared to King Kong’s fall from the Empire State Building in the first movie, and the Word Trade Towers in the second one.

Here is my interpretation.


The movie Kong has some racial themes and implications. Kong terrorized the local African tribes, causing much fear and chaos to pervade the camp.  So the chief temporarily appeased Kong by offering him their most beautiful and honored women.  Once Kong set his eyes on the beautiful white woman from New York, he discarded the black ones. In fact, Kong risked his life and eventually lost it over a white woman.

Trump is the great white hope to his predominately Caucasian, prejudiced base.  To the alt right , “make American great again” means “make America white again,” so down with all those immigrants of color. Remember, Kong had a wall too!!!

 There are many reasons why Trump will take a fall.  Perhaps its because of the reason Kong fell—the love of whiteness.

Anyway, I believe I will know the reason for the fall, prior to it happening, for last night as I dreamt, my ear was poised and prepared to hear an announcement relative to the fate of Donald Trump. Its a whisper away.

So stay tuned.

He that has an ear to hear, let him hear.

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15 Responses to Why Is America Not In the Bible? Trump, King Kong and the Chaldeans

  1. pastorps911 says:

    Reblogged this on SETTING CAPTIVES FREE and commented:

    Held captive by Trumpism? The truth will set you free!

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  2. Professing believers often operate under a false premise that America can do no wrong and that she is loved by God. How can that be when sin, mayhem and darkness are at an all time high? The church system is full of false conversions and very few are born again. God is exposing America and all of her systems especially the religious and polictical systems. When Jesus returns he will rule over all.

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    • tinalynn8 says:

      Yes your comment
      “The church system is full of false conversions and very few are born again” .
      shows how proclaimed believers are mocking GOD and do not even know it- but for those who have experienced the ills of the church system and even have experienced torment , HE will use it ALL as a wake-up call for those that have an eyes to see and ears to hear.

      Many want to believe that it is not too late for AMERICA, and of course these are the same ones that believe that AMERICA had been built on a CHRSITIAN FOUNDATION… As you wrote AMERICA is being exposed, as well as the CHURCH SYSTEM at large..
      -LOOK at the root to see the FRUIT!

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      • bsallis says:

        A lot of people in the Institutional Churches see Donald Trump as “God’s choice”, but can’t they see that the one posing as Jesus Christ is Sananda, The Fake Jesus? That the Holy Spirit withdrew already?

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  3. Learn what it means to come out of her God’s people.


  4. The Enemy has fooled many believers into thinking that God is okay with spiritual misgivings and calling that grace. No many are frustrating his grace and we are witnessing God’s plaques.

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    • tinalynn8 says:

      SPIRITUAL MISGIVINGS come also in the cloak of SIN! They have rationalized much SIN and even so-called believers have not just allowed the world into the church but now are following the ways of its wickedness-yet calling ungodly behavior “of GOD” INCLUDING the “believing” that GOD is somehow giving grace to AMERICA by sending DONALD TRUMP… Woa! the deception of our day! the days are EVIL for sure ! and tensions are RISING… PEOPLE better wake up! CHRISTIANs NEED TO for sure!


  5. tinalynn8 says:

    One of our greatest liberties that is being taken away is the right to THINK FOR OURSELVES!
    AS a result, MANY remain captive to LIES purported as TRUTH, and never check things out for THEMSELVES- the sad part is that many think that the INSTITUTIONAL CHURCH has all the answers, because they think THAT IS WHERE GOD IS-they have grown to love the devil’s religion and all its false practices and NOT understand that the real Church are those that are called of HIM, His body of believers..

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  6. gloria115 says:

    very interesting post! the US even though being a superpower is not clearly mentioned in the bible, even Daniel’s dream where he saw various kingdoms before they were crushed, many hold to the idea that the feet & toes are the Roman empire.

    I like how you touched on the fact that many believe they will be raptured out of here! why? because they said the sinners prayer, go to church on Sunday for 2 hrs and go home and watch Sunday football and have Sunday dinners. i.e. living a christian life.

    it speaks to the complacency, laziness, entitlement and narcissistic behavior we have to come out of. First wake up call is if you invited Jesus into your heart at any point in your life, you have been deceived, secondly stop waiting for a rapture & third stop thinking that the US is the apple of God’s eye! i mean Jesus even asked will he find faith when he returns? i view those words as a rhetorical question that gave us a hint of how much witnesses of the true gospel will be few and this is already in motion since many have and are falling away from hearing the false gospel to accept Jesus.

    The king kong interpretation especially is very interesting on how the very thing he was chasing after, became the very thing that caused him to fall.

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  7. bsallis says:

    A very sharp observation, Gloria.

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  8. People are blinded. We are not fighting against flesh but we are fighting against the unseen! The unseen are the religious evil spirits. The fallen angels and demons.

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