Watch Trump Make America Sick Again!

The Republicans have been hell bent to repeal and replace Obamacare aka the Affordable Care Act.  They made their announcement on March 6, 2017. Within a day or two, major  health-related interest groups have come out against the House GOP health care bill. They say it rolls back health care options established by Obamacare.

Washington (CNN)The American Medical Association announced Wednesday it opposes the health care proposal backed by Republican leadership, including President Donald Trump.

GOP tries to discredit agency reviewing its health care bill

In addition to its public rebuke of the American Health Care Act, the AMA sent a letter to two House committees outlining its issues with the bill.
“While we agree that there are problems with the ACA that must be addressed, we cannot support the AHCA as drafted because of the expected decline in health insurance coverage and the potential harm it would cause to vulnerable patient populations,” said the letter signed by James L. Madara, the CEO and executive vice president of the interest group.
The AMA describes itself as the largest organization of doctors in the country, and has been a prolific donor to both political parties over the years. The AMA’s letter places it in the same camp as several other key groups opposing the bill, including the AARP and the American Hospital Association.

Trump voters from middle to low income areas are in for a rude awakening. Consider the voters in Kentucky who use Obamacare yet voted for Trump even though he said he’ll repeal it. Pollsters observed that  the people weren’t able to connect that the guy they were voting for wants to take away the same service they are using. Trump supports have assumed that because it is alleged that he’s a good businessman, Trump will make things better smh!

Folk have been bamboozled, hoodwinked and run amuck in return for their vote. .  This so called plan that the Republicans have drawn up will damage the health care of the poor and the elderly yet give tax benefits to the rich.

So if you turn out to be sick and without health care, I believe the Lord will heal you through the airways via video and telephone. So when it is time, call me at 1-888-818-1117. I will pray for almost ANY sickness and disease.  Why?  Because the Holy Spirit  has blessed me with the gift of healing for “such a time as THIS!”

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3 Responses to Watch Trump Make America Sick Again!

  1. abbles182 says:

    It does look like a lot of Trump voters, them voting for him could back fire on them significantly especially for those who are sick.


    • gloria115 says:

      people are scared now that they are seeing their social safety nets being taken away, i dont see how cutting costs in healthcare will benefit the country. While reading on the repeal and replace law it seems poor and older Americans will have to pay more. That being said God never leaves his people without a way out & i can personally attest to the fact that RESCUE is a healing ministry.

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