Fake News and Alternative Facts Cannot Compete With the Truth!


An important quality of truth is that it is consistent. The word consistent brings other words to my mind. like reliable— constant, regular, uniform, steady, stable, even, unchanging, undeviating, unfluctuating; dependable, predictable.

Another way to define consistency is by the negative persuasion: not wavering. Not containing any contradictions. The scriptures tell us that we can expect nothing good from a wavering, inconsistent person, who is tossed about by every wind of doctrine.

Consistency must fit in with one of the fruits of the spirit. It has to because before I was born again, I was quite inconsistent. I called it “spontaneous.”  I suspect I thought I was keeping myself from being boring by doing impulsive, unexpected things. It’s a character trait of my sign, as a Sag. Never able to be pinned down.

Well, let me tell you what the Holy Spirit does with signs. As a simple example, I am no longer very much like a Sagittarian. I read more like Capricorn. I used to love being a Sag and now I look at the character traits of my birth sign as foolish, without wisdom. Just plain stupid!!! LOL

Let me also remind us all that as we move forward toward the end of  End times, we need people in our inner circle who are consistently reliable and dependable. Once  we made it through 2015, then according to not only what I dreamt, others predicted 2016 as the year of worldwide chaos. The Presidential election coupled with Russian intervention proved chaotic.

pam_4.pngGod Himself is consistent. If He has done something ONE time, it is quite possible that He will “do it again.”  Consider my rebirth experience. I grew up in Harlem NY in a family that was religious in different ways.  Mother’s people talked religion  but they did not attend  church, yet  they sent me. Instead, I played in the streets,  pretending that I went to Sunday school. My father’s people were not only religious, but my grandfather pastored  a church of about 200 people who worshipped in the family home, a huge Brownstone on 132 St.  Yet I never went to church.  When .I spent two weekends  a month with my father’s parents, my grandmother tried to force me to go downstairs to church, ===each time, I refused.

Therefore, though surrounded by religion, I simply never partook of it. Consider that when I was 33 years old atheist, no one had  ever given  me a tract, or invited me to church.  When Billy Graham came on TV, I switched channels.  I was like a foreigner in a strange land, who only knew about Jesus through the holiday seasons and a few movies.  Yet the Lord saved me through a dream of Jesus on the cross.

truth6The Lord God, who is Truth, is consistent.  Recently I read an article which stated that rising numbers of Muslims are having dreams and visions of Jesus.  As I resisted the Christian gospel  from my youth to adulthood,  Muslims have been resisting it for 1,400 years!!! As God reached out and caused me to be born again, He is reaching out to others through dreams and visons, including Hindus as well.

As a dream transformed my life as an atheist  in 1977, God is consistently using dreams and visions to transform the lives of people all over the world without a tract, without a missionary, without a TV mega preacher. He IS CONSISTENTLY DOING THE WORK HIMSELF!

Unfortunately, once born again, the former Muslims and Hindus have joined a local church to grow in God, just as I did in 1979. Predictably, what happened to me over a 25 year period  will happen to them.  They will be deceived in key spiritual matters, depending upon who teaches them within the institutional church.  We are in the church age of Laodicea, an age characterized by deception. I will pray for the Muslim and Hindu converts, that the IC will not damage their newly born again spirits.

I find that the easiest people  to work with in regards to the evils within the IC, are those who have not been indoctrinated by religion.   If you are out there, born again by a dream, our ministry is to make disciples for Christ by being a resource to you.  You can contact us with the form below or give us a call at 1-888-818-1117.

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  1. pastorps911 says:

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    The more religious background you have, the more susceptible to fake news and alternative facts you are. The Lord has not forgotten His own, as He sill save you through a dream.

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  2. Yes truth is consistent and dependable.


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