Trump and the Media: Speaking Truth To Power!

These are very dangerous times for America.

Certainly,  Trump is a liar. He has a different style yet he shares this trait with several of his political allies. I have to agree with Lawrence O’Donnell of the Last Word.  “Not all of what Trump says is a lie.  Just most of it!”

Yet even more disturbing is the obvious fact  that Donald Trump is extremely impulsive. Last night,  I watched him answer how he came to tweet about Obama wiretapping him and I could tell he was not lying. He explained that he  read a  1/20/17 NY Times  article 6 weeks before and then he read another article just before he tweeted. Very quickly, Trump  put two and two together and viola! HE  added 2 plus 2 , including into his addition  his assumptions and preconceived notions.  What followed was  an exaggerated sum of 44.  Consequently, his  erroneous summation led the President to compulsively ACT upon his assumptions with a tweet against his obsession, Barack Obama.

It is as simple as that.  In trying to understand, the media primarily  drew from its knowledge and experience with rational thinkers. Trump is not a rational thinker.

LIke Trump, I have my issues with the media, particularly TV newscasters.  They are too smart, too intelligent for their own good.  They  just cannot fathom that a president of the US could simply be so damn dumb!!!!   DUh!!!!!  They rattle on and on over why  Trump tweeted  this or that or what does “wire taps” mean in Trump’s mind.  OR why didn’t Trump ask the FBI if Obama had wiretapped him.

THe bottom line is that Trump is simply not equipped for such an exacting  job. Let’s face it.   HE can barely read as demonstrated by his lack of understanding of the two articles that led him to tweet in the first place.  HE is also obsessive, compulsive and impulsive.  Therefore, the news media reporters needs to “get it” into their intelligent yet thick heads that an obsessive-compulsive-impulsive person does not reason rationally as do others.  TRump is obsessed with Obama.  If God Himself appeared to Trump  and tried to reason with Trump and say ” I am omniscient.  I know ALL.  Obama did not have you wire tapped”.  Trump would disqualify God because Obama is his obsession.  What follows is that  Trump will  predictively react compulsively.

TRump is also impulsive.  To be impulsive is to act or DO something, often suddenly, without any forethought or consideration of the ramifications of one’s behavior. When the outcome proves disastrous, OCD persons will easily find  someone else to blame.

ONe thing Trump does well.  He recognizes the  obsessive nature of the media where it relates to a need for a  hot story.  That is why I suspect that  Trump leaked his own 1040 tax form  for 2005 to the press.  Who has a client copy but the taxpayer himself? The media should be aware that a 1040 is merely a summary. Who you spent your money with is only going to be exposed on the various schedules and attachments, and maybe, not even then. .

If you are person who has a predisposition to obsessive, compulsive and impulsive behavior, you may need help.  Reach out to us by completing the contact form below or call 888-818-1117.

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5 Responses to Trump and the Media: Speaking Truth To Power!

  1. bsallis says:

    OCD + impulsiveness + access to the nuclear codes = not good!

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  2. Tee says:

    Even talk radio hosts are saying that for someone like this man to be elected as President, we are in dark, dangerous times. This is just not healthy. The man needs some serious help.


  3. Tee says:

    What further concerns me is that there are people out there who actually support everything he says and does, and sees nothing wrong!!! I am concerned for them as well, and just further exposes the darkness.


  4. We are witnessing Trump’s emotional demise. The Enemy took an inch and now he is taking a mile. Trump is obsessed with topping Obama that he remains spiritually blinded. Blind lead the blind. The plagues are obvious.


  5. tinalynn8 says:

    Trump is infamous for ‘mixing’ a little truth with a LOT of lies!…
    this is how the DEVIL thrives in DARKNESS! while these are exciting times to be living in as believers- we are definitely living in the most dark of times..


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