Trump Is “Anti-Poor.” Check Out His Budget Cuts!

It is amazing that the vast majority of the people in this nation have not been able to recognize the enemy and so they voted him into office. They have been absolutely blind. I knew better primarily because I was warned in a dream about Obama and Russia in the summer of 2011.  So as soon a Russia was mentioned in the news for tampering with the election in favor of Donald Trump, I KNEW this was not the man to vote for. Because of that dream, there is no doubt in my mind that the Trump campaign, including Trump himself, colluded with Russia to promote his win.

Read President Trump's Budget Blueprint  Donald Trump  does not care about climate change so he  selected Scott Pruitt from Oklahoma to run the EPA, the Environment Protection Agency, who will destroy that agency and any serious policy to protect not just this country but the entire planet. But before he made his choice, Trump pretended that he was amenable to climate change polices by inviting Al Gore to his “tower” to discuss the issue, since climate change is Gore’s political specialty. That move of Trump was sheer mockery that smacks of Satan.

What we need to realize is  that with Trump as President, all of us shall be negatively affected and the attack is directed  against our physical survival: health and Medicaid, Medicare, and eventually social security.  Subsidized  programs for rent, food, medication are eventually  going to be done away with so that we will be tempted to take the mark of the beast to survive.  Public welfare, unemployment, social security.  it may all be wiped away. The writing is on the wall, for how coldhearted can you get to eliminate Meals On Wheels foe homebound senior citizens?

In an article entitled Advocates say Trump Budget Cuts Will Hurt the Most Vulnerable, it is reported that the budget plan the Trump administration rolled out on Thursday would be a kick in the shins for low-income Americans.  In fact, federal programs for aging public housing are in jeopardy as this budget cuts $6 billion dollars or 13% from the Department of Housing and Urban Development, to be  led by  his flunky cabinet pick of Ben Carson just as Tiller son has already gutted the Department of State.

Does making America Great Again mean she is to be destroyed.  Trump himself is a senior citizen.  Would he like to live like this or worst?

senior poverty

This is a mean and evil budget that I would like to see Trump’s Christian  supporters try to defend it.

So besides prayer, “what do we do to prepare?”

As for me, I believe I was given a simple answer in the dream I had 5 years ago, referenced above.  STOCK UP FOOD AND WATER!

So think about it.  Do you have a plan?

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8 Responses to Trump Is “Anti-Poor.” Check Out His Budget Cuts!

  1. Tee says:

    I also want to call out those who support this evil have the gall to hide behind the term “Christian,” yet all I see is ANTICHRIST written all over this. Hmmm….Now, how can that be so?


  2. Tee says:

    Even talk radio hosts are very concerned, and recognize that we are in dark, dangerous times. Smh

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  3. He said was going to cut the budget. He just cut well needed social programs and he put more money into defense instead. How sad!!! The darkness goes deep!

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  4. Tee says:

    Another thing that bothers me is that he wants to take away public broadcasting, which features SEVERAL FREE educational shows that are currently available to underprivileged children. As an advocate for children, this alarms me.


    • Tee says:

      They already took Sesame Street off of public broadcasting and put it on HBO. NOW THEY WANT TO DO AWAY WITH IT ALTOGETHER??? PBS actually has the most appropriate, educational shows on there. Many of the other. Children’s networks are CRAP.

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  5. Tee says:

    In the Gospels, Jesus spoke about caring for the least of these. I don’t understand how people can call it Christian to take from the neediest among us. The poor, many of our senior citizens, and children should be at the TOP of the list.

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    • tinalynn8 says:

      I wonder if this type of ‘DEPLORABLE’ behavior is WHY it is written that we will always have the poor with us- Because of THOSE, in the system, who find ways to PREY on and DO NOT DO WHAT IS WRITTEN-
      to CARE FOR the orphans and widows in their affliction……

      A system ‘for the people???’ I THINK NOT!

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      • Tee says:

        And another thing…I am not at all saying that people should take advantage of free services and not work hard to earn their keep in life. But sometimes, people are just in unfortunate situations, and there should be services available to help them out. Also, children do not deserve to be overlooked, as they are not in the position to support themselves. And our senior citizens have done MORE than their share. They should be able to have the opportunity to live out their golden years in peace, without having to worry about how to survive. It is DESPICABLE the way people, who claim they follow Christ, are actually supporting Trump’s efforts to take away from those who need it most. This situation reminds me of that scene in the movie, “Back to the Future,” when Biff (the villain) became filthy rich, became the town Mayor (I think), and under his leadership, the conditions of the town were DEPLORABLE, and he cared for no one but HIMSELF. Is THIS what we have to look forward to with Trump as President? If so, Indeed, we are in some SERIOUS trouble.

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