Can Donald Trump Be Blackmailed by Russia?

America4What has continued to puzzle me is that Trump does not seem like he can be blackmailed by sexual scandal.  Its GOT to be MORE THAN THAT. 
In his book, the Plot to Hack America, a book published BEFORE the election, Malcomb Lance laid  out the missing link  in “The Plot to Hack America.” Read his words.
The revelations of the Kremlin’s proximity to Putin and Moscow are stunning in their depth. They reveal easily some Americans will accept money to work against their own national interest whether in business, government or propaganda.  Precisely as the KGB had discerned over 70 years ago. They also show how easily money and business relations are now the new currency of former and current Russian intelligence officers. Such riches would surely be issued with invisible strings, allowing the FSB to gain access to the highest level players in a new American administration.
These pro-Russian players were so close to Trump that they could literally be chosen as his campaign manager and placed at essentially arm’s length to a potential president. At best, their ties are tenuous and ill-advised, at worst, they could be grounds for an FBI investigation.  That remains to be seen.
If Trump’s acolytes did have real ties to Russia’s center of power, AND IF THEY WERE SUCCESSFUL AT ELECTING TRUMP, they would be in a position to handle a potential president’s most intimate secrets.  They would also be able to advance Russia’s objective, desires, and activities—fully in-line with their own personal fortunes—ABOVE America’s interests, with the full force of the Oval Office.
 Now that Donald Trump has been President of the USA for just over 50 days, to watch his demise has been painful. Clearly, the potential for blackmail is less of an issue than his utter lack of competence to perform in a job that is way above his pay grade.

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