False Prophets Come In Several Varieties


False prophets come in several varieties.  They are not all in or associated with the church or with Christianity, per se.

As an example, celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, Shirley McClain, Dr. Oz and other  occultists and professing Christians alike are among the false prophets. These are people of influence  who not only entertain but who also  teach spiritual things are among the false prophets as well. Then there are many who are non-Christian religious leaders who pervert the gospel of Jesus Christ of Nazareth..  So a simple definition of a false prophet is anyone who adds to or detracts from the gospel.–from a celebrity to a man on a soap box somewhere.  The “celebrity” simply adds to the power to reach large audiences but a person who has a small congregation is not exempt from the list.

Keep in mind that  there are also false prophets who are not “Christian,,” including New Agers, freemasons and occultists who often refer to the Lord from the Christ consciousness perspective. In the Christian community, the spirit of the Anti-Christ and his army of devils and demons   continue to armor themselves  as they seek out pastors and church leaders who are amenable to deception as well as sheep who are prone to vulnerability. Under diverse circumstances, the religious demon sets the stage to preach  into a defiled heart by those who will teach a defiled word from any pulpit into unsuspecting spirits that have already been damaged. As such, religious fallen angels  and demons  have  built a demonic  religious fortress within the institutional  church.

Therefore,  there are the false prophets  among  Christian pastors, teachers and evangelists. It should be noted that most are unaware of their spiritual condition that has darkened imperceptibly over time, due to their descent into preaching a mixed or outright false doctrine as prophesied by the Apostle Paul  to Timothy: “Some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils.”

When what appears to be a good and faithful  minister is seduced into preaching a gospel inspired by evil spirits, he or she becomes a false prophet. There are countless of them in the institutional church. Most of the  demonically tormented people who I have serve to set free from demons  in the last ten years were active members of charismatic and Pentecostal churches. Some of them were set free but others remain tormented. So it no longer comes as a surprise to me that some of them will never find relief from demonic torment.  In pastoral counseling, it is an empirical fact that white magic practitioners who attend Christian churches are so shackled to the sin of idolatry, that release from demonic captivity is unobtainable without a thorough confession and renunciation of charismatic witchcraft.  As a consequence, the spiritual pride deeply rooted in the charismatic movement remains the stumbling block as “God resists the proud.”

In the book the New Idolatry,”    I  concur with the late Dr. Lechler, a German who practiced psychiatry before I was born.  Five or more decades later,  what I have found astounding is that in practically every case of demonic torment among my own Christian clients, a common factor is that 95 percent of them were not demonized  BEFORE they went to a charismatic, “word of faith, non-denominational  church.  Some passive Christians are like helpless zombies, unable to take corrective action where necessary.  On the charismatic side, good people have been deceived into accepting all things supernatural as “of the Lord’ and consequently, they have made ‘a voice from God’ as the deciding factor in every matter, both trivial and important.  Passive believers have also suppressed their personalities to such an extent that they can’t distinguish their own persona from the demonic influences that bind them.[1]

The difference between charismatic divination and occultism lies in the fact that generally the dreams, visions and prophetic messages of charismatic practitioners are usually spontaneous experiences, which “come over” or “overtake” the professing Christian without apparent preparation or mental volition on his or her part.  For this reason, the gullible and unsuspecting assume that the supernatural information must be from God.  On the other hand, psychics make use of omens, potions, amulets, tarot cards,  the I Ching, tea leaves, crystal balls, Ouija boards and a plethora of other tools to interpret the signs believed to be in them  to predict the future.

     Charismatic diviners have the same purpose.  They simply use tools that they claim are the nine biblical gifts of the Holy Ghost, particularly those labeled “the revelation gifts:” a word of knowledge, a word of wisdom and the discerning of spirits.  What charismatic teachers fail to understand is that Paul wrote the Corinthian letter about these gifts without defining them or explaining any specifics as to how they operate.  In fact, no texts in the Bible actually define these gifts.       In the midst of crowds of gatherers, people come to be led by shamanistic men and women who know how to “turn them on” with just a wave of a hand. On more than one occasion,  I watched in amazement as  well-known TV evangelist TD Jakes ordered apparently sensible people to turn to their neighbor and with a wave of their hand, shake their neighbor’s problems away. To watch the people immediately obey without thinking at all was a scary thing indeed. Anyone with a sound mind would know that problems do not “fly away” by a wave of the hand.


So how do we discern them in our times?

The simplest way is to be aware of God’s purpose for prophecy.

To really understand the mission of modern-day prophets, we need to look at the new testament. The prophet that stands out in the gospel days of the Lord’s own ministry is John the Baptist. The Lord said that John the Baptist is the greatest of ALL prophets, so we need to look at John’s ministry rather closely. John’s prophetic ministry was essentially to prepare  the people of his day for the FIRST coming of the Lord by preaching repentance. John the Baptist did not have the gift of predicting the future as did the Apostle John. It should be noted that when Jesus called John the Baptist the greatest prophet, the Apostle John was not yet anointed as a prophet.

However, together, I believe that BOTH Johns are a composite template of a present day prophet. A present day prophet is one who:

Like John  the Baptist, new testament prophets are to prepare the last generations for the SECOND coming of the Lord by preaching repentance. The job is now complicated by the fact that thanks to the institutional  church and Her  easy believism,  the “I accept Jesus into my heart, sinner’s prayer practices,” so many believe that they are born again  but the one who they “accepted” is the fake Jesus, Jesus Sananda Immanuel.

Like the Apostle John , present day prophets will be given supernatural predictions that are specific to the end time survival of the elect of God. For example, when we cannot buy and sell, end time prophets will be able to multiply “the loaves and the fishes” and bring the water from the rocks as did Moses—AS THE HOLY GHOST LEADS!

During the reign of the Anti-Christ, end time prophets will move in the supernatural gifts of the Spirit because miracles, healings, and supernatural power will be needed in order for God’s people to survive, a power similar to that of Moses when he  brought God’s people out of the bondage of Egypt. Casting out of demons will be one of the prophet’s many supernatural gifts not according to the prophet’s will, but at the will and command of the Holy Ghost.

Spiritual discernment will be essential to distinguish between a false and a true prophet for both shall have supernatural powers. Yet know this.  No where in the new testament do you see prophets focusing on uttering predictions to individuals, as present day psychics do. If a false prophet laid hands on you and spoke to you about your destiny, the enemy can use that vessel’s words to curse or torment you.

To know more about this subject, I recommend “The Fake Jesus: Fallen Angels Among Us.”


Click the book title for the paperback and the book cover for the ebook


I also recommend The Church of the Endtime Zombies.

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