TRump: The Emperor Has No Clothes!

There is a tale called “The Emperor’s New Clothes,” written by Hans Christian Anderson. In the story the Emperor is a vain man and always wants the newest fashions. A couple of tailors convince the Emperor that the clothes they are making him are of such fine quality that only the most elevated people can see them as the fine clothes are invisible to both the stupid and the incompetent. When the emperor goes to see his new clothes, he sees nothing at all — for the tailors are swindlers and there aren’t any clothes.

img_2168Yet his pride and ego prevent him from admitting that he is not the most elevated person, so the Emperor pretends he is delighted with his new clothes, strutting himself round about in the palace, the White House, buck naked. Fearful of reprisals, the Republicans bow down and says what a fine set of clothes the Emperor is wearing because they are afraid to contradict him. Why? Because the vast majority of the Republicans in Congress fear that the Emperor would defame them in their own towns, either by a rally or by a tweet.

Then the Emperor travelled to Kentucky and led a parade known as a rally to show off his new clothes to the people, particularly his health care bill . The Republicans pretend to admire the clothes except one little boy who yells out “But the Emperor has no clothes.” Actually, by this time, there were 28 Republicans who declared, “not only is the Emperor not wearing any clothes, but this bill is too naked for us to approve as is.”

The moral and the symbolic connection of our current political climate to this fairy tale is that because of pretentiousness, political correctness, a lust for power and a fear of the Emperor’s tweets, the Republicans have been pretending to support and agree with the Emperor’s  outrageously incompetent  behavior, even holding an inquiry to determine whether the former President wiretapped the Emperor.

Yet a better person to replace the symbolism of the little boy in this fairy tale is Director Comey. Comey shocked the world by revealing that  The Emperor has been  under investigation by the FBI since July 2016. Consequently, the Republicans can no longer pretend to be blind. They must face the fact that their Emperor has no clothes. His credibility is gone. Even his base has got to face up to the fact that their racist nationalism, their “white is right attitude”, can not cover up the fact that The Emperor is naked, not just in the USA but around the world.

Yet even more blind than Republicans, are those among the populous who believe they are Christians. They profess that God has chosen the Emperor. It seems that God has already released a spirit of strong delusion upon them that only God Himself can remove.
I seriously doubt that He will.

Deception is a dangerous thing. At Get Ready For the Lord, our goal is to remove spiritual blindness so that you might be able to try the spirits to see if they be of God. If you need help with that, then complete the contact form below:


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4 Responses to TRump: The Emperor Has No Clothes!

  1. tinalynn8 says:

    Strong delusion HAS been released, since so many professing believers believe him, the emperor, to be godly and chosen by God, when neither is true.
    Such arrogance displayed by Him speaks otherwise.

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  2. Tee says:

    This entire situation that we are in exposes so much of the evil in the hearts of those who would dare call this Emporer “God’s Chosen One.” If the spiritual blindness is not evident to you who are reading this post, then YOU are blind, as well. It’s sad that no matter what he does, and not matter how much this man represents pure evil, people STILL claim their allegiance to him, and actually have the AUDACITY to cover up their evil by hiding behind the term “Chrisitan.” This indeed is very telling of the dangerous times we are in.


  3. God will expose a person in order to truly bring them into the Light of Christ.


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