Communicating with the Dead is Communicating with FALLEN ANGELS!!!


I used to love the occult. I got into the occult because of my mother. She was not a religious, churchgoing woman, but worshiped angels and was one to become easily pulled into conspiracy theories, new age thinking, and the like. I had been groomed to be a follower of the occult from the beginning. If I were to share with my mom some of the occult things I experienced in my later adult years, she would have believed me, understood, and would have encouraged me to go deeper.

Not long after she died, I felt a strong affinity toward to the occult. I missed her TERRIBLY, and so I would practice what I now know to be Necromancy. And even though I knew what it said in the Bible about the afterlife, I chose to ignore it because my desire to see or interact with my mom once again was so strong that I was willing to believe in almost ANYTHING. I even remember having a psychic friend who would give me messages from who she believed to be my mom. I also remember meeting a psychic friend online who I ended up talking to on the phone, and because we became good friends, ended up giving me free readings…even though she regularly charged folks to get readings from her. She was heavily into Reiki healing.

I used to have dreams about my mom coming to me to interact with me. I remember one very vivid dream was a dream where she was surrounded by bees (she was allergic to bees), and she was sorta like floating in mid-air and said to me, “See? I’m alright.” After that occurrence, I yearned to interact with “her” more and more, to the point where I started looking forward to going to sleep. Talk about demonic influence, now that I look back at it! Lol. During that time, I was heavily into meditation, automatic writing, and of course, necromancy…probably fortune telling, as well. I had a lot of difficulty dealing with my mom’s death, and so the occult was my comfort…choosing to believe a LIE that she was “watching over me,” or regularly communicating with me. I also used to watch those psychic shows with well-known psychic-mediums like Sylvia Browne, John Edward, and Lisa Williams, and would watch those paranormal investigation shows that they would always show on tv. My next step was to attend a live show. Everything I did or cared about was related to the occult. I also bought or borrowed a few books.

Next thing I know, I started becoming more aware of spiritual beings in my presence, and would even see things as well as have a spirit pull me from a laying position to a sitting position in my bed….all because I was mourning my mother. I will ALWAYS love my mother. But the enemy used her life AND death to lure me into the occult. We have to realize that our earthly families are JUST THAT…EARTHLY. What matters MOST is the spiritual. The enemy knows that our earthly families can be a weakness for us, so naturally that’s who he will use to challenge our beliefs. We have to realize that NONE of this can come with us. I love my children, my family, but if they are not of the elect, I WILL NOT see them again after this earthly life. Now can YOU bring YOURSELF to THAT conclusion? How does that make you feel? If you TRULY love and/or want God, yes it will shock you, but you will be able to see the big picture and come to terms with that, knowing which is MOST IMPORTANT.

“For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?” (Mark 8:36, KJV)

Are you trying to save your life here on earth? Or are you willing to let it go for the sake of Christ?

I hope this helps someone out there.

If you are struggling with wanting to communicate with dead loved ones, then this post is for YOU. You need to know that communicating with dead loved ones is NECROMANCY, and COMPLETELY AGAINST THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST. Here in Rescue, we can help you deal with the pull that the occult may have on you, through your mourning of a loved one’s passing. Let us help you learn the TRUTH, according to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. DO NOT submit to the occult because you are hurting. It will not lead you to anything good…no matter how comforting the spirits may seem. They are not your friend, and do not care about you. If this sounds like YOU,  you need to know that FALLEN ANGELS ARE SCAMMING YOU!!! CONTACT US. We are here. You can either email us at or call us at 1-888-818-1117 to schedule an appointment for spiritual mentoring or counseling.


About Tee

Hi! I'm Tee. I have been a Rescue member since 2012. Growing up, I had been exposed to many different types of churches, and all I kept finding was false doctrine EVERYWHERE! Even at a young age, I questioned most religious practices within the organized church system. I also used to be involved with the occult. I finally left the organized church and the occult for good, and God led me to RESCUE, an online ministry focused on setting people free from the bondage of religion and the occult by preaching the TRUTH, according to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Through RESCUE, I am happy to say that I have been set free from both the bondage of religion and the occult! The truth truly DOES set you free! For more information about RESCUE, contact Pastor Pam at or at 1-888-818-1117.
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