Satan Is Not EVERYwhere! Yet He Knows Who You Are!

A very common error of the people of God and Satan’s people , is that the devil  is omnipresent, in other words, that he can be in unlimited places at the same time. Only God is everywhere present simultaneously.  Let me make it clear.  Satan cannot be in America, Africa, England and China, all at once. Actually, there are only  a few people in the bible who met Satan face to face: Eve, Jesus Christ of Nazareth,  Peter, Ananias, and perhaps Paul and possibly, Judas. As an aside, Judas was never at any time a believer, not a child of God, EVER. So he probably met Satan face to face.

You may think that you have met Satan, but you are not important enough for him to contact you personally. Satan likes to give us the impression that he is “everywhere’. The truth is that he knows us  because of his messengers–fallen angels and demons—  who ARE everywhere.  These are the principalities and powers, the rulers of the darkness of this world, the spiritually wicked in high or heavenly places.  ( Ephesians 6)

For sure, Satan can travel at the speed of light.  Nevertheless, he depends on a host of evil spirits who function as his subordinates, continually reporting to him about the elect of God who are formidable, worthy of his attention. Therefore,  a trick of the devil is to make us believe  that his power and wisdom exceed  beyond limits. Certainly, Lucifer was the wisest of creatures.  But he does not have access to the hearts and  of human beings.

Nevertheless, psychologically,  Satan  is  extremely shrewd.  Once  the devil  knows a lot about us from the reports that he continually receives  from  his spirit cohorts, with their help, the enemy  lays out a plan for our destruction. .  Nevertheless, Satan  does not know what is going on in our minds until we  reveal it out of our mouth or we take a particular action. . Demons who may be in you possibly  know your thoughts and how you are feeling.  But in most cases, they have sent you thoughts in such a skillful way, that they have convinced you that THEIR thoughts are YOURS.

Does Satan  know the future?  Divination and its plethora of strategies and practices fall under his domain.  I suspect that his knowledge of an individual person’s future is centered in his awareness of the history, personality and motivation of that person.  Estimates from the data, determine just  how successful his spirit subordinates  will be  as they  guides YOU  to fulfill THEIR plans. Consequently, our  assigned evil spirit, be he angel or demon,  will attempt to guide us toward the future that Satan has approved.

So as the Lord warned, we have to be wise as serpents to be equipped to contend with evil spirits who try to destroy us.  We MUST overcome them. To outwit the enemy’s influence over your life, RESCUE can help.  Either call us at 1-888-818-1117 or complete the contact form below.


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