The Great Falling Away


As I am watching everything unfold, my attention has turned to the professing Christians who are Trump supporters, who, no matter WHAT you say to them, they continue to believe a lie and support evil. Truth can be staring them in the face, but they will reject it  because this is a sign of the times…THE GREAT FALLING AWAY. Their religion has blinded them…even to the point of believing in false salvation doctrines like the sinner’s prayer, making a “decision” to follow Christ or the “I accept Jesus” gospel for instance. Also, from the pulpit, doctrines of devils are being preached like the prosperity gospel, the Pentecostal move with tongues, and the watering down of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Most of them who read this probably have NO IDEA what I am even talking about. That, in itself, is a sign that they are deceived. But it is not just the Trump folks, but this includes the ENTIRE Institutional Church…it’s just that the white, evangelical Trump folks are the most obvious.

Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;” (2 Timothy 2:3, KJV)

What is the falling away? Well, the falling away is separation from the TRUE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST through the doctrines of devils I spoke of earlier. I believe the falling away has already occurred, and therefore the man of perdition (Antichrist) will soon be revealed.

It all started by a man named Charles Finney, who introduced alternative gospels, other than the Gospel of Jesus Christ, to the Institutional Church. Now, several generations later, here we are witnessing false doctrines being preached in virtually every so called “Christian” church in America, and around the world, which is described in 1 Timothy chapter 4. This led to the Azuza movement, started by Charles Parham and William Seymour in 1903, which we now see in present day Pentecostal churches. If you notice, these practices mimic the exact same practices we see in occultism and witchcraft, leading to all kinds of people being demonized through practices like the laying on of hands, speaking in tongues, and the bridal paradigm, to say the least, which is also commonly practiced in Charismatic churches worldwide.


For more information on the topic, click the following link to some endtime survival books that Pam Sheppard has written that will give you more insight and help you further understand how all of this has unfolded, and how this may even relate to YOU:

The Church of the End-Time Zombies. 



The Fake JESUS: Fallen Angels Among Us



About Tee

Hi! I'm Tee. I have been a Rescue member since 2012. Growing up, I had been exposed to many different types of churches, and all I kept finding was false doctrine EVERYWHERE! Even at a young age, I questioned most religious practices within the organized church system. I also used to be involved with the occult. I finally left the organized church and the occult for good, and God led me to RESCUE, an online ministry focused on setting people free from the bondage of religion and the occult by preaching the TRUTH, according to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Through RESCUE, I am happy to say that I have been set free from both the bondage of religion and the occult! The truth truly DOES set you free! For more information about RESCUE, contact Pastor Pam at or at 1-888-818-1117.
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13 Responses to The Great Falling Away

  1. quintero2015 says:

    I just reordered the zombie book i gave my last one away camt wait till its in my hands

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  2. Many have fallen away from the Truth. God calls us to him. It is simple.

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  3. Only Christ can call us to rebirth. He calls the Elect to the Cross and resurrection.

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  4. tinalynn8 says:

    We are warned in His word to SEE if we be in the FAITH, by Paul the apostle, in 2 Corinthians 13:5.
    Many have made profession in JESUS CHRIST, but it was religion’s created CHRIST ( Jesus Sananda Immanuel ) but it is the false one. They simply have not become born again, and BELIEVED falsely, because of the false churchs’ message of the sinner’s prayer.

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  5. bsallis says:

    I reached out to a friend and sent her some of Pastor Pam’s links for YouTube videos, books and some of her blog articles. I am giving her time to process this. I have to leave it in the Holy Spirit’s hands. If she is meant to come out, she will.

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  6. I am working with someone and we came to a standstill. Our job is not to convince anyone. We make the information available and the Holy Spirit moves. I agree Bernard. People need time to digest the information.

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    • bsallis says:

      I’ll let her make the next move. I told her that if she has anymore questions, she can contact Pastor Pam. That she is friendly and approachable and has a heart for the sheep.

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  7. We have no power to bring the remedy only the unction of the Holy Spirit can draw us to the power of our Resurrected Lord, Jesus Christ of Nazareth!!!

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  8. Sananda has caused the Gospel to be watered down. The job of salvation belongs to God. Many are blinded.

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    • gloria115 says:

      the gospel has either been watered down or made confusing when it is simple at its core. Just take a look at Resurrection Sundays, most churches will talk about God will resurrect your marriage, your carrier etc What does that have to do with the bodily Resurrection of Jesus??

      But see people think they know what the gospel is because they know the keywords – cross, death, rise again but if you ask them to explain the gospel in its entirety, they either dont get it fully or they got it but add to it.

      with he gospel, you are either right or not, you cant say well 99% of my knowledge is correct, well what about the 1%? that can contaminate the whole message. E.g. you can describe the gospel flawlessly then add in the end that Jesus died & rose again so we can choose whether we want eternal life or not! that’s wrong, humans have no choice in it, salvation is a gift given by God to whom he chooses.

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  9. abbles182 says:

    Yes Charles Finney did ignite the ‘I accept Jesus’ doctrine in churches that started in the early 1900s. This practice is being practiced by the masses worldwide and as a result causing false conversions. Sincere Christians looking for salvation have been convinced by pastors that salvation can be acheived by a person saying a repeat after me ‘I accept Jesus’ saying. Unfortunately what’s happening is that the Fake Jesus is being worshipped instead and people do not realize this.

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